into cot tonight

DD has been sleeping in her own room now for about a week. up until now she has been in her moses basket in the cot. tonight i am going to try her in the cot.

she is growing up fast :\(


  • dd is twelve weeks and 4 days if i giver her a dream feed at midnight she sleep from 8pm until 7 am. one night didnt give her the dream feed and she woke at 1.30so still giving her the feed for the time being.

  • Archie is same age (29.10.08) and he fills the moses basket too !!!! Luckily he's in a crib at night so a bit more room and no need to move just yet! I am soooo jealous of your lovely routine though- Archie usually only goes 5-6 hours for his longest stretch.
  • well last night was ok. she wouldnt take her dream feed at midnight just took an oz but woke at 4am. other than that hse slept fine no problems at all.

  • I found that once Frankie went in to cot she slept a lot better. She is only small so didnt fill the moses basket but she moved about a lot and would wake herself up hitting the side of the basket. Is she in her own room? I found that helped too.
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