what funny things do you do which make your baby laugh?

My baby laughs when I do fake laugh's and sneezes, he laughs when I sing (very out of tune) row row your boat.. and when I say HELLO HELLO HELLO (like a policeman lol)... sometimes when I'm trying to be funny he just looks at me as if I'm mad lol .... he also loves it when I kiss his tummy!

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  • i also do the fake sneezes n laughs, blowing rasberrys the obvoious lol anyway whys it called blowing rasberrys isnt it just farting noises??
  • Hi,
    I totally get that look-'Mummy what are you doing?'!!! Like you say when I sing or dance wiggling me big bum!!
    Alf loves me to blow farty noises in his mouth!!Or when I'm the kissy monster and cover his face and head in kisses-well ok I like that too!!
    Does find the Dolmio puppets in the adverts funny too-no idea why!! Oh and Westlife when he was just starting to smile-another random one!!
    Also he's into high pitched noises and if I repeat the noises it makes him laugh out loud! Alfie in general makes me laugh!! xx
  • Blowing raspberries often gets a giggle, and silly voices. Apart from that it's never the same thing twice, something that is hilarious one day just gets a blank stare the next day!
  • Agree Poz I find something that makes him squeal and want to show oh when he gets in from work and guess what? The blank stare and 'what are you doing?' look!! Babies eh?!
  • i snort like a pig and run around the room lol i have lost it!!!! jayden thinks im very funny tough image
  • Nym likes it if I hold her hips and get her bum shaking and "doing a little dance, shake a little bum, ..." she thinks I'm nuts, and now that she can stand on her own she tries to shake her bum and falls over in hysterics.
  • Hi

    i use to lay my lo across my lap and tap her tummy like a type writer and then lift her legs and say ding (old fashioned typewriter style) she loved this and now does this to her dollies getting v strange looks x
  • Aww, these are cute. Riley is strange, he loves it if i'm looking awa from him then just turn and look at him! He cracks up. Also if I call him my cheeky cheese monster, and put nappies on my head (clean ones!) He loves it if you jump up and down too. xxx
  • Gabe loves it if I hide behind the sofa or something and then crawl towards him very fast and say boo lol.

    He also thinks me hiding under a muslin is funny, and me pretending to fall on my bum, he actually gave himself hiccups cos he was laughing so much at that. Or if I stand Gabe up and then plonk him down again then that's funny too!

  • millie if she is in the mood laughs at anything once she gets going! she woke up yesterday and i said hello little girl in a funny voice and she started laughing and whatever i said to her after that made her laugh even saying its bedtime or put ur pjs on! normally she laughs at me putting cuddly toys up to her making funny noises x
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