Anyone watching 'This Morning' right now?

Flippin' heck how bad do I feel? Seriusly do people not understand what working Mum's go through without being publicly blamed for all the sins of society!
What do you think? x


  • it just pisses me off - i would love to be able to stay at home but i cant afford too as i have rent to pay as well as all the other bills! my hubby works full time but is not on a great wage and we would hardly qualify for any benefits so what i am supposed to do!
  • I know!

    If i could afford to take 3 years off, id love to!! But in this day and age its impossible with mortgages etc!!

    Sharon x

  • I had to switch it off. I've got a couple of months but have to go back to work eventually. Mortgage won't pay itself! I'd love to stay home and feel bad enough already, don't need to old biddies making me feel worse. Will switch back now. S x
  • I think it`s a joke. It makes a mockery of the fact that all mothers do is try and prepare their kids for the society ahead of them and even most fathers admit that thye job of being a full time mum is a lot more demanding and harder than any other full time job x
    Did you hear the bit about trying to give mothers 3 years maternity leavy so they`ve got the choice on whether or not to go back to work? Well i think that should be paid leave!!!!!!! x x x
  • As a parent you already feel guilty from the time they arrive about all sorts without heaping this crap on us. Who honestly thinks I want someone else looking after my child while I go and look after the children of 36 other people? I hate this feeling of blame and finger ponting instead of support and appreciation. And why is it always women picking on women? Thnking of ringing in-will let you know if I do!
    Have to say are you watching now? Poor, poor woman I thought my 'issue' with clowns was bad! x
  • yeah poor woman, but at the end of the day, no one really liked looking down to the depths of the unknown. Especially sorting out pub toilets, god knows what you`d find lurking in them!!!
  • i have contacted them!!! gets me soooo angry - ofcourse i wouldn't return to work if i had the choice but we can't afford not to! Your damned if you stay at home and claim benefits and you're damned if you go to work!!!
  • Slightly o/t (I've only just turned it on) but what the hell is Fern wearing? Is it for a dare? :lol:
  • I was just wondering about Fern's outfit. Just cos she's lost some weight I didn't think she'd lost her sense of style too. Why are there bits cut out of the shoulders ? S x
  • Go funkymonkey83 you tell 'em! Agree about the dammed if we do dammened if we don't you can not win. I wish mothers whether they worked or not were supported and recognised for doing the best for thier children. I used to be a selfish and before Alfie I could be if I wanted to but now I know and I feel that Alfie will always come first. Also-what is the lovely Fearne wearing? Am really not sure x
  • lol! yes i was thinking her outfit was a bit odd? not a good look Fern!
  • Shame I liked the stuff she wore when Phillip was snowed in she looked lovely and normal. x
  • I didnt see this and i'm glad i didnt as i know it would have made me furious! But OMG, what is Fern wearing!? He!He! x
  • i was just about to post the same thing about fern!! what the hell is that she's wearing!? it's way too clingy. mutton dressed as lamb!! saying that.... i'm only 20 and not sure i'd ever wear that myself! lol
  • Grr Arg!! i am dreading leaving my baby to go back to work but it has to be done! whats the point in 3 years unpaid? if we could afford that i would leave my job anyway! i understand the governemnt cant pay for people to stay off work more than the time we already get, especially in todays society there would be certain people purposly having children so that they can stay off work (more fool them cos its bloody hard work being a parent!) but to suggest we ae selfish for returning to work is ridiculous...silly old biddy! in her day im sure it was the norm to stay at home and be 'kept' by your husband but in this day and age it isnt oh's wages just cover bills. not inc food or petrol! how would we manage for these 3 unpaid years? grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
    oh and fern word....muton!!! ick!
  • Lol was going to post about Fern's outfit but you beat me to it! Hello Mutton! x
  • I'm not back at work but only cos i had a choice. That old cow is so out of touch, you could tell Denise agony aunt wanted to punch her -lol!

    And yes Fern's outfit...?! Maybe the stylist is off ill or still snowed in!!
  • fern- not a good look, maybe it's fancy dress!

    Stupid old bitch what the hell does she know!!!! If i gave up work or even went part time we would get no extra help. Where I work you can take a career break for up to five years but so what that wont pay my mortgage. Im dreading leaving Frankie when she is 7 months to go back full time but unless more help is given i have no choice. I would love to go part time but we wuold just lose too much and wouldnt really save on childcare.

    Yay for Denise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes so lovely.
  • Also why do they keep harping on about flexible working. Unless part time wages are topped up somehow i doubt many could go part time.
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