how can i..

sorry for tmi but Alyssa is very constipated due to medication her number 2's are very very hard and she struggles like mad to get them out.

So far advice to put some bran in her breakfast and up her fluids aren't working, what else can i do?

She is 7 months

Thank you


  • Have you tried prune juice or stewed prunes? DD struggled with constipation very badly, due to her medical condition, and the prunes worked every time! They are actually quite sweet ad tasty and DD loved stewed prune mixed with custard - I know Alyssa is dairy free but perhaps you might use an alternative dessert, or mix with another fruit?
  • my hv advised putting a small bit of freash orange juice watered down really well in her juice cup which worked for lizzie.
  • Ages ago someone put the tip of soaking prunes in hot water overnight and then giving lo the resulting juice if they won't eat the actual prune. Peter has always loved prunes so I have never had to resort to this trick but it works apparently - and prunes do get things moving!
  • I used watered down orange juice with Thomas 1 teaspoon of juice to every 1 oz of water or even cooled boiled water did the trick with him.
    Hope this helps. x
  • I've used either watered down orange juice or prunes - LO much prefers the prune juice though! My SIL used to give her LO prune juice as she was on medication that bunged her up too, she gave it very diluted in her water, a lady told her off for giving her LO coke! She never gave it to her in public again!!!
  • prune puree did it for us!!!
  • Thanks ladies i am armed with prunes!!!
    Will give them to her in the morning, don't want her to have them before bed and it cause her to wake in the night.

    Thank you

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