Eastenders tonight...

Dull or what!? xox


  • my god yes and last nights was rubbish too!!!!! the Danielle and Ronnie story is doing my head in - just tell her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You know she took one of the pills, does that mean the baby's gone? xox
  • Yep totally agree!! Gary needs to get over it!
  • OMG, i am heather!! george......mmmmmm

  • I love Heather! Wish George had a cameo part in Easties it would be sooooo good! Gary and Dawn were on This Morning, this morning and they didn't seem that interested in their own story line either so not sure why they want us to be! Maybe she'll give in?
    Normally love the Easties but I agree last night and tonight have been missable. Bring on Thursday x
  • George has said for years that he wants a bit part in it as he is a huge fan so hoping he might show his face! lol

    how sad am i!....lol

  • Not sad loyal. Make sure you post if he announces it I really don't want to miss it! x
  • oooh he could cop off with christian, now that would be a storyline haha

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