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So far I have only given lo home cooked food and intend it to stay that way......... However for holidays days out etc it is easier to use baby food is ella's kitchen the best kind of food to use as it doesn't seem to have any additives but it also seems very expensive, what do you all do any suggestions xx

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  • We use Ellas Kitchen or Plum when out.
    We're very rarely out at meal times (about one meal a week) but I find it easier than worrying about reheating homemade before I go and then trying to transport it without any leakages

  • I occasionaly use the Ellas kitchen ones & DD loves them but the only thing I find is that even the vegetable ones they do have fruit in and if I'm giving her veg I like it *just* to be veg so the Plum range of pouches are much nicer (IMO) as the veg ones are just veg.

    The Hipp ones I try and avoid, they seem full of water & stain something chronic!!!
  • Thanks guys we are going tp the lakes tonight for a few days and i'm going to Tesco to get a couple i'll look at tyhe plum range to, i presume they'll have them in Tesco.
  • Yeah I can get the Plum pouches in my local Tesco & that's not a very big one either so I'm sure you should be ok to get them.
    Otherwise Boots stock them if you're near to one, or Waitrose xx
  • I do the same, home cooked when in, ella's kitchen/plum when out x
  • I did the same, Ella's kitchen or Plum when out and about, and home-made at home. Yes they are a bit more expensive than jars, but as you're only likely to be using them occasionally the cost shouldn't add up too much. A couple of months into weaning lo should be able to manage sandwiches or some other finger foods if out over lunch time, which makes things easier.
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