Nearly 8 months & things are happening!!

This probably won't make sense lol but I feel like Gabe is having a major development phase, I felt like this at 6 weeks and 4 months too, it's like he just suddenly changes!

He is becoming so much more aware, he has been recognising his name since 5 months but now does it all the time, he's started crying when you leave the room or pretend to eat his finger food lol, and throwing tantrums when you take something off him that he wants like the newspaper! image If you pretend to cough, he does it back at you, and when I'm holding him on my lap if he doesnt want to be held he wriggles off to get on the floor....he's finally started moving about in his walker (backwards) and trying to crawl (again backwards, well he moved about an inch lol). He's figured out he can 'bounce' around on his cot top changer by picking up his bum and banging it up and down so the whole cot shakes (scary!) So in general he's just becoming a little monster & I feel like before long he's gonna be a terrible toddler!!!

It's even making me feel a bit....broody???? image

Anyone else? lol xxxxx


  • ha ha go gabe!! Mate ive been feeling like this for a while . i actually used to laugh when you used to moan about gabe not moving around cus i long for the days i could put daisy down and leave the room. I wasnt aware an 8 monyh old could have tantrums until mine did!!!!! You cant tell them off really so what do you do? I cant change a nappy any more cant get her dressed on my own cant put her coat shoes or hat on and cant put her in her car seat. if i feed her she says no no no!!!! So its only gonna get worse and yes two of my friends have just had newborns and i long for those days when everything was sooooo easy!!!!
  • Lol he still doesn't move or roll really. But he is def developing...has 2 teeth as well and knows how to use them!! Things definitely get more complicated as they get older. Can't say I miss the night feeds though (maybe a bit!) xx
  • Jason's just started crawling! well, looks more like an army crawl but he just went forwards straight away, we got him these balls from woolies for christmas n he loves chasing em! lol he's also sitting up on his own n all of these in the past week or 2!!!
    they grow up too fast!

    n as 4 the broody thing! I stared getting brooday again when jason was about 6 months & he got a bit easier too handle, still a monster but just a very cheeky one! lol
  • Just read the bit about tantrums and had a laugh. Zacky threw a proper tantrum on xmas day of all days when we were at my moms for lunch(rest of my family was there as well). Normally when out he is all sweetness and smiles and butter wouldnt melt... well u get the picyure LOL. He decided that as screaming and kicking wouldnt get him what he wanted he would hold his breath. In the end he decided to scream again after going varying shades of reds and purples. You may think that he is a todler but o no this little tyke is only 6.5 months old (dread to think what he will be like as a toddler). Also he has just cut his first tooth and likes to chew on any bit of mommy he can get his tooth on.

  • Cameron and gabe are so alike!! haha! though cam has only just started paddying when i take stefs phone off him or try to put his arms in a top or coat. he's took to rolling from one side of the romm to the other and launching himself off my knee! he got his second peggy on christmas day of all days! he arches his back and rolls away when im changing his bum so i have to drag him back and hold him down with one hand!
    i think we are going to have us some awkward toddlers!! and cams only 27 weeks!!
  • yay gabe!!!!
    freya has paddys when you take things away from her, she doeffinatly knows what she wants! nappy changes are a nightmare she just throws a total paddy and tries to crawl off. she is also going through a bit of a developing stage, she has been crawling and walking round the furnature for a while but no she is much steadier and can go all around the kitchen cupboards and she also hangs on to my legs and walks around behind me, which can get a bit annoying after a while. and also the last week or so she has been pointing to things and really trying to say the words, she makes the right sounds for most things and will also copy things you do like pretending to talk on the phone. it amazes me how much she has learned in just 9 months, she is so much her own little person now. x
  • no how you feel. jayden just turned 7 months and it seems like yesterday when he was so little! hes now such a PAIN he puts up a huge fight when changing his nappy, hes crawling and crusing around on the sofa! he crys also when he cant get his own way,! cant belive hes now a boy to me not a baby! its weird,
  • Am taking this post as heed to enjoy this phase while it lasts. Archie is 3 months and sleeping less during the day and starting to need a lot more entertainment but at least I cna leave him in one place and not worry about him moving etc.
    But even I felt broody when I visited a friend with a newborn last week, must be mad !! S x
  • I know just what you mean!

    Was looking at Evie the other day wondering where my little baby has gone! She's 8 months on 3rd Jan and she's just started crawling commando style (well, she's done it a few times) and she copies if you cough and she does kisses which is so cute. But she also has a major strop if you take something from her and is a nightmare at nappy changing times, she goes all stiff and rolls over to one side all the time. She can go from laying down to sitting up now too.

    It does make me feel a bit broody but know I've got to wait to have more, we've got no space for any more! Never thought I'd hear you say you were broody Tiger Lily :lol:

  • Good on ya Gabe!!
    One day he'll just go off wriggling across the floor then the real fun starts!
    Charlotte's started to clap a lot more now by copying us. I'm trying to get her to wave but it's a work in progress. She keeps trying to stand but is quite wobbly. I can't believe she will be 1 in 2 weeks time.
    I do get broody again like you when these things happen, but I certainly wasn't last night when we were up for 4 hours with her (bloody teeth)!!
  • Hi, well done gabe!

    I get the tantrum thing too. Only in the last couple of days and always over food!! It makes me laugh though, I keep calling oh and saying "come and look at what he's doing now".

    I dont get online so much now I've gone back to work. Nathan is still a really early riser and the two together are killing me, I'm sooooo knackered.

    I do get on and read a lot of posts though even if I dont reply to any. Want to keep it up to hit my 1000 soon!!

  • Yey well done Gabe, Erin also has tatrums now and she understands no but never listens!! :roll:
  • wot lovely babies u'v al got, know how u al feel my toddler(23mon) is a lot of work n she was exactly d same at that age, hop my 3mon old is a little bit easier though
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