Am I doing something wrong??

My lo is almost 13 weeks, she was 6lbs 14ozs when she was born. She takes about 6-7ozs per feed and has 4 feeds a day and is a really happy contented baby. Yesterday I took her to the baby clinic for second injections and they measured and weighed her, at her 8 week jabs she measured 57.5cms and weighed 10lbs 2ozs and at this appointment she was the same length and weighed just 10lbs 13ozs. She is formula fed, I told the HV that she had been sick over Christmas and didnt eat well for that week but now she is eating really well and she kept saying well she is very underweight and it could be to do with being sick but we need to keep an eye on it and she will be looking closely next time. She is a fine baby but she eats what she wants and then stops and its always between 6-7ozs but the hv is making me feel like I am not looking after her right and she has suggested that I move her onto hungry baby food. I feel so guilty that she isnt putting on weight as maybe she should be. :cry:


  • hun I would say listen to yourself , if she is gaining weight even slowly I wouldn't personally change her on to hungry baby,

    If you honestly think she is happy and health I wouldn't worry! x all babies are different x
  • Try not to worry. If she is healthy and happy then thats all that matters. All babies are different and some (not all) of the health professionals seem to forget this. The boys lost weight this weigh in as they have been poorly and I was really worried. It was my health visitor that said she was surprised they had only lost 5lb each as they could lose lots more when poorly as their body is using the calories to fight the illness. If LO lost weight and is now putting it back on then she could actually be doing quite well, but it doesnt look like it because she hasnt put on as much from when she was last weighed (iyswim!)

    Im sure you are doing a fab job.

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 15 + 2

    P.S. If she is feeding well, and is full from what she is eating then im sure HB milk will make no difference. It doesnt help them put on weight, just makes them feel fuller??? That wont help!
  • erm tbh hungry baby wld most likely slow her weight gain more, as she'll be taking less at the feed, and feeding less often. hungry baby isn't any higher in calories than normal formula, its just more dense so fills them quicker and keeps them feeling full, so i think it will have the opposite effect. she will be due a growth spurt soon, and i do remember my hv telling me their weight gain does slow before a growth spurt then suddenly shoots up, so as long as she's seeming happy and content at the mo i wld try not to stress, and just see how her weight is next time. if ur worried tho, or want a second opinion see ur gp who can advise u further. xx
  • Hi, I would be inclined to keep her on the milk she's on now if she's happy on it, and as long as she's not losing weight.

    I don't know what it is about some of these hv's, but I've heard so many stories of them making new mums fret about their baby's weight - and you had an explanation as to why she may not have gained that much weight for god's sake!

    Just keep on doing what you are doing.

  • Hello there, just wanted to say that you can tell if something's wrong by listening to your baby and trusting yourself! I freaked out when my baby fell off her birth centile and ran to my mum saying 'what am I doing wrong?' She pointed out that my daughter was perfectly healthy and happy, which is true! I wouldn't worry about hungry baby milk and I'm surprised she suggested it as mine warned against it. Your baby sounds like a great little feeder to me x x x
  • Hun, you aren't doing anything wrong at all.
    Tils has just a little more than your LO (7-8oz per feed at 19 weeks) and is the chubbiest little thing you have ever seen, I worry that I overfeed her!
    Babies all grow at different rates and come in all shapes and sizes - even if they all fed the same.

    If she has been poorly then she may have lost weight over xmas but the fact she has put on is brilliant.Your HV will keep an eye on it I'm sure as that is their job but like the others say, hungry baby milk will only fill her up more so I don't see the point in changing.

    Chin up image

  • Thanks so much girls that is making me feel so much better, I was just so shocked at how little she was weighing but she really is a happy little baby who giggles and smiles all day. Thanks again you really have made me feel so much better. The best about it when hv seen her she said wow Olivia is getting big!! My hv was actually the hv for my mum when I was born 29 years ago and she has a habit of asking me constantly do I feel down is my moods ok and I keep saying yes I am fine but my mum said she was the exact same with her as well.
  • Please dont worry!

    My lo is almost 10 months now and she eats 3 good large meals a day, has two snacks a day and still has 4 milk feeds during the day and anything between 1-4 milk feeds during the night. she's a right greedy piggy (takes around 5-6oz each milk feed)
    She eats about the equiv of a stage2 jar for lunch and dinner, as well as some fruit and a yoghurt each time too, and a good sized bowl of brekkie - and she has been slow to put weight on....... she's gained the grand total of 1oz in the last 2 months! image She's dropped 2 (or is it 3 now) centiles and she is starting to worry them slightly, but she spends most of her days laughing and crawling round chasing after my elder lo (32 months) that there is nothing wrong with her (apart from her reflux)

    if you think she is ok then she probably is!

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