Baby Photography?

A friend of mine had some professional photos taken of her, her OH and their LO and they look really amazing. I would like to look into getting some done but have no idea how to go about finding a photographer (my friend is in another country so can't use hers!).

Has anyone else had this done and how much did it cost? Can anyone recommend a photographer in London, preferably in the South West? My LO is 12 weeks old if that is at all relevant!


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  • It's not in London, but K Lou from here has just started a photography business. She has a page on facebook where you can book her, and she's got introductory prices at the moment. She's based near Lakeside Shopping Centre, and there are photos you can view and feedback on her page. K Lou Photography. xx
  • Hi

    I know a photographer based in West Midlands area. He would be happy to travel but would add a small mileage charge.

    His website is

    There isnt any baby pictures on there for child protection reasons. Although he has a portfolio of pictures for viewing.

  • Hi,

    I've recently had some done of my son when he was 8 months (now 10 months) and we had them done at PixiFoto which are based in some larger mothercare stores. Very resonable prices and if you had a bounty pack you should have recieved a voucher for a free sitting and portrait.
  • Agree about PixiFoto. Weve just had some done for ??7.50 sitting and free 10x12 print. They took 10 pics (4 of boys together and 3 each) and the lady who took them was lovely. They travel around the country and you can sign up to emails to tell you where they will be near you. We had ours done in Matalan. However, they are obviously all posed shots and just of LO which might not be what you are after. ??7.50 good for one nice big pic though (unless you have the Bounty Pack voucher - which I couldnt find! lol)

    We are having someone come to us, but being in Norfolk, I cant help much!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 25 + 3
  • I had my los one done in max spielman and You got 1 big photo 3 medium sized ones and 6 passport sized ones with a free sitting for ??7.99 and the lady in the shop took her time doing the photos and tried diffrent poses and some props as well. Then you could go back and have a look at them 10 mins later and pic which one you want and they print them out there and then and for an extra ??4 you can get the disk with all the photos from the session on as well
  • there is a photographer near me (nowhere near you sorry) who doesnt have a studio and goes to your house. we had bump shots taken. you wouldnt guess it was in a house as he comes with black and white back drops. he is also coming to do baby shots. he charges ??25 per visit and you buy what you want / dont buy anything. he is charging us ??25 for both visits as it's one package. could you google for someone like that?
  • I had some done recently and they're amazing, the same photographer also did the wedding photography for two of my friends and came highly recommended.

    They're based in Bournemouth but were happy to travel to us in Buckingham.

    There's loads of examples for their work on their Facebook page.

    B xx
  • Thanks everyone!

    Mrs Amanda - we live in Battersea so really close to you, how much does your husband charge? Cute photos!

    Grateful for any other recommendations too!!

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    PS - Oops Mrs A just re-read your post and saw that you said to e-mail you so will do image

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  • Only just seen this, my OH does Baby and Family photography part time. He has a website where there are a few examples of his work. He is a natural with LO's, but then I am a little biased image
    We are in Sutton, so not too far, and he either comes to you or you can have some pictures done on location somewhere. If he does it at your place, he brings all his backdrops and photo goodies with him.

    Either way, I hope you find someone you like to capture the special moments! They grow up so so so quickly (mine is now 10 monthsimage ) its nice to have all the wonderful memories forever

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