door bouncers

what age did u put ur lo in them? millie is nearly 12 weeks but she is still a bit small for hers so i only have her in it for 5 mins a day although she loves it!! when she is bigger how long can u have them in it for at a time?? i know with them play station things where they sit in and walk round the middle they say 20-30mins at a time but there is no time linit put on the bouncers although they r still putting some weight on their feet so will it be the same?? xx


  • i put tyler in from about 12 weeks too - he used to like being upright and seeing every1. Hes 5 months now and screams with delight when I put him in it! lol xx
  • hi, charlie has a door bouncer and absolutely loves it! he was 13 weeks when i put him in it. It does make him tired after a good session! i leave him in it until he starts complaining xx
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