Poorly baby

Hi ladies,

My 6 month old has developed a cough and cold, Ive given her some calpol and shes nodded off for a little sleep.

I was wondering is it better for her to stay in the warm all day or would she benefit from getting a bit of fresh air?

Thanks for any advice xx


  • I believe fresh air is good for them and as long as she is wrapped up warm and it's not damp or foggy then I would say yes she'd benefit from having some fresh air on her.
    Hope she gets better soon.

  • a bit of fresh air is good, to clear the cobwebs, but warmth and rest is just as good xxx hope she gets better soon xxx
  • Hi, my 7 month old has just recovered from a nasty one that developed into a chest infection its really not nice so you have my sympathy. plenty of sleep is good for her & fresh air certainly wont do her any harm as long as like babycakes says she is snug & warm with no draughts ! I found that snufflebabe helped him breathe a little better, and calpol to keep his temp down. Hope she gets better soon x
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