Grumpy and Exhausted (also in BIM)

I really dont know what to do, she just wont settle down and sleep. She falls asleep in my arms but as soon as I put her down she wakes up and cries. She is still feeding well so I dont really know what is going on.

Should I try give her some calpol just incase she has pain that I am not picking up on. I am not used to having a grumpy baby, she is normally so good so when she cries there is definatly something wrong.

Possibly a stupid question but could she be starting to teeth? She is dribbeling and drooling non stop as well and I know that is one of the signs??? I would have thought 10 weeks was a little early for that.



  • Hi,
    It could be teeth but is unlikely. My first thoughts are 1. Does she have trapped wind? If her stomach seems quite hard, you might want to try giving her infacol before each feed. 2. Could it be the heat. My 2 don't like to be hot and find this heat difficult. We've been putting a fan in their room and rocking them to sleep during the day a bit more than usual.
    Good luck!
  • I agree with the other ladies that it could be wind, but saying that I wouldnt rule out teething either, Holly started at that age even though there werent any actual teeth for another 2 months. I found calgel a god send. Or if you prefer, teetha granules, both worked for us.

    great to see you on here hun image

    Lisa xxx
  • She isnt a windy baby, she is very very good at getting the wind up and goes a good 4 hours between feeds. I think it is far too early for teething myself but it was just something that was mentioned to me.

    Didnt think about the heat to be honest, perhaps a fan is the way forward.

    Thanks for the advice ladies
  • How are her nappies ? I know when my lo was little and she got like that it was usually constipation. I used to lie on her on back and cycle her legs and within 5 minutes she'd either poop or pump !!
  • Hey hun,

    Emily has been drooling really badly for weeks now. Since about 12 weeks her sleep pattern totally changed and she now wakes every 4 hours at night. She takes ages to settle and won't self settle. I have to rock her to sleep and even then, if she isn't in a deep enough sleep she will wake up and the cycle will start again. She has had a bump on her gum since about 12 weeks so i am assuming she is teething. Now at 15 weeks she is very grumpy and really fights her sleep - the bump is now sharper as well on her gum. I have been giving her calpol which seems to have helped.

    I would give Sarah a small dose of calpol and see if it makes any difference. A small dose won't hurt her and it is better than having a grumpy baby who is in pain.

    Emily doesn't have the red cheeks or dodgy nappies associated with teething but she does drool an awful lot and her hands are constantly in her mouth.

    So, Sarah could be starting to teeth but it could take a while before any teeth come through.

    Hope she goes back to her usual self soon!

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