Another Christmas Tradition!

When we were talking about Christmas traditions the other week I completely forgot about this one that we have been doing since my 15 year old was little!


We leave the site up and watch where abouts in the world he has already visited and estimate what time he is going to arrive at our house (hence speeding up bedtime lol)

This is one site:

I remember NASA do one which is absolutely brill and I think this is it and in the run up to christmas there are all sorts of games for the little ones to play.

Am feeling really festive now - enjoy xxxxx

I have just found some lovely receipes in Mrs Santas Cookbook and emailed santa lol - sod the kids its fun for us mummies lol

(I have been on there already this morning playing christmas games lol)

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  • i am going to show the kid yo night i feel so christmasy and we got SNOW have got your tree up lee
  • I bought a Xmas cd from Mothercare (fab only ??5 and got about 21 songs on it) and played it to Charlotte yesterday - she loved it (and so did I)!!
    Will look at that site.
  • when we were growing up we all used to phone santa on christmas eve as our local radio station used to run a free service for the kids, once they stopped doing it we had an family friend do it for the kids x
  • The more I go on this site the more I love it!

    I have printed the kids of personal little xmas story books, printed some recipes and some colouring in story books for the kids when they finally come in from the cold!

    Am still finding more and more stuff on their to do and there is a direct link on there to the NORAD Santa Tracking Centre where there is a Xmas countdown at the min (this goes mad Xmas Eve!)

    Am even playing Christmas songs today now lol
  • I've used that sire efore to print off things for my classes to do in the last week of term! I had forgotton about it though.
  • the site is bloody fab, i will get robbie on it tonight cheers xx
  • cheers honey!!
    i've saved to faves for the kids to see him!!
  • That site is brilliant!! Thanks xxx
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