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  • I didn't put on much weight when I was carrying lo either. I did measure small at times, and also wasn't weighed after my booking in.

    I didn't really weigh myself that often during pregnancy, but was pretty much the same weight full-term as at my booking in appointment. Baby only weighed 6lb 3oz at 39+4, and had to have blood sugars monitored as she was (only just) classed as low birth weight. She's now around 15lb+ at 21 weeks, so no ill effects!

    Definitely talk to your midwife if you're concerned, if only to put your mind at ease. I was back in my normal clothes around a week after giving birth, and am still around the same weight now! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, the end is in sight!xx
  • hi there, I don't know about putting weight on late on in pg but all I can offer is my experience

    I put on nearly 2 1/2 stone during my pregnancy and I always measured perfectly according to mw and she often commented that the baby could be quite big cause there didn't appear to be too much fluid there.

    I was then induced at 40+5 as I had very high blood pressure. When lo was born he was 5lb 7oz!!! and they asked me if I could have gotten dates wrong and was I early!!! Well No I wasn't early!!!
    So from my experience there really is no rhyme or reason to it!!!

    good luck xx
  • Hi, I put on only 1 stone 5 in my pregnancy and my lo was 9lb 1. I went off a lot of foods which may be why but I only put on bump and never the excess on bum and legs like some women do. I'm a size 16 anyway though, so it wasn't like I needed the extra pounds! Most babies are over 6lbs at 39 weeks, I reckon, regardless of bump size or maternal weight. My bump was always enormous so I never worried about it!

  • Hi I put on all of 7lb through pout my 2nd pregnancy! and Lizzie was born 6 days before due date weighing 8lb 9oz! so over a lb more than what i put on in weight!
    I had 2 growth scans in pregnancy-although it was nothing to do with measurements but to make sure my breathing wasnt effecting her growth and they told me she would weigh 7lb 2oz!- well 8lb 9oz is nowhere near 7lb 2oz!!
    rant over,lol.
    anyway what im trying to say is what weight you put on doesnt always have a bearing on the size of the baby. I also carried fairly small too and measured exactly right on bump measurements x
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