Baby won't drink cow's milk

My lo is nearly 14 months now and I'm still breastfeeding twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
I think it's time to start cutting down and stopping altogether within the next few months (though for some reason i'm reluctant to stop!). I don't want to cut down his breastmilk until he'll drink cow's milk but he just hates the stuff. I've tried varying the temperatures of it and the cups/bottles i put it in, but he'll not take more than a few sips. He's not fussy when it comes to food, he eats so many things that if he genuinely doesn't like something, i don't force the issue - we all have foods we don't like!
Does he really need cow's milk? Or can he get all the calcium he needs from milk in cereal, cheese, yogurt etc?


  • hey,

    I'm not sure about how much he needs from the cows milk.

    But - my lo still wont have anything other than water from a beaker/bottle - she suggested watering down formula and increase the amount of milk gradually - i guess you could try it with cows milk?!
  • Hi

    They need the equivalent of about a pint a day - our dietician suggested looking out for calcium rich alternatives; tesco do a calcium apple juice carton drink (although you would need to dilute this) and soya milk / custards / yoghurts with calcium, baked beans and broccolli also good sources.

    I'm at the stage when I smother veg in cheese sauce and puddings in custard to get the calcium in. fortunately not gaining too much weight on this high fat diet!

    Good luck
  • I had to hide milk everywhere tended to add it to everymeal and they eventually started drinking cows milk. bmilk is sweeter than cows milk so it will take time to adjust, can you express and mix starting with more b than cows and gradually changing over time?

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