ASDA Baby Event Nania Carseat??

Does anyone have any experience of these?

We need to get a second car seat for the boys but buying 4 carseats is almost impossible! We are looking into getting Britax or Maxi-Cosi for my car but we need a second one that they will use for a 5 min journey twice a week during school time and cant justify spending another ??200 on them.

However, I dont want to get seats that arent relatively comfortable or safe. ??25 seems so cheap for a safe carseat??


  • I was going to post this as well, the reviews of this online are so mixed! Surely if it wasn't safe they would be able to sell it? I agree though it seems 'too cheap'! x
  • My dad bought one for my sister from Argos a few months back...I think it's the same one! And she has no probs with it! And it has to be safe otherwise there is NO way they could sell it!

    Other car seats are so expensive as like most things your paying for the 'name' xx
  • i read one review on this seat and was put right of by it saying it was sattisfactory at best
  • my mum has one and i like it and i'm the worlds parkiest person lol
  • i have one and for short journeys its perfect i dont drive so its used rarely my lo also seems very compfortable in it
  • i don't have one, but all carseats in the uk have to meet strict safety guidelines and comply with all sorts of conditions after lots of testing etc, so it will be safe. x
  • Both me n my partner have one of these seats, n they r fine! Got them both from argos 36 pounds they were!!
  • Thanks for the replies ladies. Definitely going to go and have a look then. As theyre only the second ones, comfort is not the biggest issue. As long as its safe for short 5 min journeys, thats all that matters. TBH, I just cant afford 2 more 'expensive' ones, so if they arent any good im stuck!
  • Me, my mum and the in laws have nania car seats from Argos. Think they were about ??35 but my mum bought her by sending her old mobiles off to envirofone. I don't drive so didn't want to spend an absolute fortune on one. Although I know you can't put a price on safety as someone else said they all have to have a certain level or they can't be sold in the uk. The one I have (not sure if it's the same as the asda one) is really chunky , reclines and has removable support pads. Tbh I'm not sure what the differences are between the 'cheap' ones an the expensive ones are?
  • We've got one too for once weekly trip in Nanny's car, and it does the job fine. I was only happy to have one with side impact protection which this does have, have found the straps a bit stiff to undo/tighten though.
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