baby finger nails?

how do you trim your babies finger nails?

I am ashamed to say I bite my boys nails off if they get too long and I better stop coz I think its starting to get J (3) in bad habits, I caught him nibbling his nails this morning. hes only doing what I do to him bless him. xx


  • i bite hers too. i did have a baby scissors but managed to cut her finger twice, it didnt bleed at first so i carried on and then cut the next one. i felt so bad, i threw the scissors out straight away. i was in a right state when dh came home.

  • Well we bite Alf's too as oh had 2 accidents with those evil little clipper things. Drew blood once and we were all crying (house full of wimps I know!) so now we bite them in or after the bath as they're soft enough. Glad we're not the only ones who don't use the clippers-think they should be banned! x
  • I use baby clippers. Wouldnt trust myself with baby scissors LOL. He would have any fingers left to have nails on LOL.

    Also like some others that have posted I bite my nails and have done since i have had teeth. There have been a few occassions where i have just stopped and my nails have grown quite long but it never lasts.

    Im OK at doing finger nails now, but am i the only one who thinks toe nails are twice as bad to do?
  • I did bite Charlotte's when she was newborn as she was so tiny it was easier - she was born with really long nails too! I now use baby scissors but she wriggles like anything. And yes toenails are the worst to do! Charlotte always curls her toes up and kicks.
  • I used to bite them but now i use baby clippers. Occasionally bite his fingernails if he's very chilled out when feeding, but i can't bite his toenails as i'll get a kick in the face, so i basically clamp his foot in between my legs, hold tight and get it done as quick as possible! x
  • wow! im really shocked to see so many of you actually bite your lo's finger nails! sorry, i dont want to come across nasty but i find that a bit weird. It's teaching them a really bad habbit for one, and it just seems bit strange to me, something i'd never condsider. If they don't sit still to let you cut them, how do they sit still to let you bite them off?

    I use nail clippers on evie's nails, sometimes nail scissors. at first she wriggled a lot but has gotten used to it now and if i do it whilst she's engrossed in her favourite programme she barely notices and is very very good. I give her lots of praise after i have done them.

    I think just like bathing/teeth cleaning etc, nail cutting is something we need to teach our children is a normal thing which needs to be done and get them into a good habbit with it.
  • Biting the nails off was something that was recommended to me by the midwife as it's safe and the nals are so soft. Obviously once they are older and actually of an age where habits can be formed then that's the time to stop, but whilst they're so little and physically uncapable of sitting still to have it done, i see it as the safest most sensible option x
  • lol linzi you sound really shocked!! You're right though I need to stop coz it is teaching them bad habits but its just so much easier than clipping them. xx
  • i am, but it's only because i've never heard of it before. i can totaly appreciate why midwives would recommend it with teeny tiny baby fingers though, i remember my DH cutting evie's nails for the first time and cutting her, it was awful!

    it just hadn't occurred to me that there was any other way of doing it than clipping or cutting!
  • I bit them when he was tiny but i use clippers now, he sits really still and just watches. I have cut him twice, once just slightly then again quite bad...there seemed to be loads of blood! i really panicked and refused to do it again for a while but im ok with it now. oh's brill at it takes him about 5 secs!
  • I use clippers and have done since he was tiny, I find bitting them off a bit weird! Also what do you do when you have bitten them off, spit them on the floor? :lol:

    I just do them when he's asleep, because I know he will not sit still for me to do them.
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