Baby colds - treatment ideas?

Any advice for treating a 6 week old with a cold?

He just has a bunged up nose at the moment (I'm the one with the sore throat so guessing we picked up a bug when we vistited my workplace a couple of days ago) and bringing up some milk fairly regularly. He may have a bit of a sore throat if he's like me but who knows, it doesn't look particulary red to me. He's sneezing quite well too and trying to breathe more through his mouth as his nose is congested.

Any muck in his nose is too far back for me to get out with an aspirator. In theory he's too young for calpol.

I have some peace at the moment, but he is getting grouchy so would like other ideas to try such as burning oils to relieve the congestion. Has anyone else had any advice from professionals?

HV is coming later today so going to quiz her, and if needed I'm down the dr's anyway for my 6 week check so can get him looked over then if needed.


  • Harry had his first cold at 6 weeks. Horrible, eh? I put a teaspoon of vicks in a bowl of warm water about 20 mins before bed at put over the other side of the room AND propped up one side of his moses basket. Worked a treat image xxx
  • karvol capsule on a muslim tied round handle of basket. what a shame at that age x
  • charlie had his first cold at the same age and i used olbas oil in boiled water.

    but i should mention that this method and all others listed all have on there boxes that the products are not for children under 3 months old x
  • thanks for the ideas.

    It's frustrating that so many are for 3mths+.

    hv suggested lavendar oil on muslin in room and steaming. Time to get oh to turn down the de-humidifier on the bathroom when he gets home (I don't fancy the climb). For the moment it's wet towels on the radiator along with a lavendar heat wrap. oh can get something on the way home to try.
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