milk verses food?

Rafferty has been weaning for just over a month now (he is 7months and a week) we are doing a mixture of BLW and mashed food as he hated purees and prefers to have something to chew on! He has never been a milk fan and i did post on here a few weeks back as i was worried about his small milk intake (12oz ish a day) but in the last 2 weeks this has dropped further to around 7 or 8 oz a day!

I offer him 3 bottles at
8am, 3pm and 6.30pm
He is drinking 3oz in the morning, 1oz at 3pm and 4oz at bedtime!

He does love yoghurt and his favourite is homemade macaroni cheese, i also make sure he has plenty of water which he seems to prefer to milk! I am also worried as even after what little milk he has, he is always a little bit sick! he isnt sick after food but ALWAYS after having a bottle! is it ok to give him cows milk in a bottle to see if this stops him being sick? He has always been on Aptimal first milk and never had any trouble with it apart from the odd spit up (but that was when he was drinking 6 or 7 oz in one go) he is now still being sick after only a couple of ounces!

any one got any idea what the problem is? and if it might be worth me changing his milk to see if that helps?

Thank you ladies....

Keeley and Rafferty


  • I dont know about changing milk but we have alays had problems with the boys and milk. They are now 9 months and after getting fed up with trying to force 3 bottles into them and them only drinking a couple of ounces of each, and then waking early as they were hungry, we dropped the 3 pm bottle. They now drink more than they did previously! They have 6oz at 6am and 6oz at 6pm and practically finish them...whereas before they had 3 6oz bottles and would drink 2-3oz of each!

    I dont know how to help, but we cant get dairy into them as they are allergic, so milk is all they have and I worry about this but the hv has told me not to and keep going with what they will take.

    Sorry I cant be more help hun xxx
  • My LO had silent reflux with aptamil 1, at 6 months I changed it to aptamil follow on and she seems so much better. Perhaps try that?
    She was the opposite though, she would drink hardly any milk before weaning (we slowly weaned at 18 weeks for this reason), and as soon as we started, she upped her milk!! Strange child!

    Have you spoken to your HV about his milk intake?

    Personally, I wouldnt give him cows milk until he is a year old. I had read that formula milk is actually more nutricious (sp?) than cows milk, as it has a higher iron and calcium count.

    HTH and you get a solution from some of the other ladies

    Joanna x
  • Hi
    I'm pretty sure you shouldn't really give cows milk until 12 months. I've read that babies should be having between 500-600ml a day (which I think is about 18 ozs?) but I'm pretty sure it can be included in the food so what about it you try adding more milk into the food he has? I do give my DD purees and so I mix them with some baby rice which has her milk in, although she does love her milk. Could you make the macaroni cheese with the milk? Not sure if you're doing that already. I'd ask HV or doctor or someone and see what they suggest.
    Good luck.
  • hello

    might be worth trying the follow on, maybe try getting a few small cartons to try first?

    we went through a bad time with milk intake, they reccomend 20 oz a day until a year old but that can include all dairy, a yogurt is a couple of oz, cheese, also we have breakfast cereals that contain formula already, heinz cereals are LOs fave esp banana porridge!

    are you giving milk near his solid feeds, we find if we space milk inbetween he will take a lot more, and if it is too soon after his solids he will bring it all up, which is very messy now we are on lumps :lol:
  • I'd also suggest moving to Follow On milk - I was reading about it the other day.

    I think it gives LOs more nutirents in a smaller volume of liquid, which sounds like it might help in your situation?

  • Hi there, Your LO sounds like mine, never a milk fan!
    When we started weaning he dropped his milk heaps. I would make up 6oz bottles and he would hardly take any.
    I spoke to the health visitor as he was on 10oz a day, we dropped the 3pm bottle as he was down to 2oz, and she said to try and get more milk products into him.
    So, the rest of his morning bottle got mixed into his cereal. I used full fat milk to make cheese sauces, which he had with a lot of meals. he snacks on cheese and has a yoghurt with lunch and tea.
    Now he is 9.5 months he is actually finishing his bottles, which he has never done before. He will finish 6oz at 7am and 6oz before bed. So I just use cow's milk in his cereal now.
    He aslo used to be sick a lot after his milk but that has settled, we are on Hipp follow on milk and he seems to like it and I think he takes more of it than the first stage milk.
  • My HV suggested trying follow on milk before 6 months to help with reflux so maybe try offering this. Might help to stop the sick. Also try and use milk in his food (ie mixed with mash etc)
  • sounds like i should definitely give the follow on milk a try. I do space out his milk feeds and he is given these before any solids so technically he should be hungry and drink a bit more of them! thank goodness he seems to enjoy plenty of food with dairy (cheese sauce being his favourite)
    Thanks ladies for all your advice x
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