heart palpitations - back with a vengence

hi does anyone else suffer with them, some weeks i dont have any, then next day have loads n they vary in missing beats to a completey strange rythm. only usually last a few seconds, but damn there scary. ive had tests done cos i have svt and my palps are apparantly ok and my heart is ok. just my electris play up sometimes making it go fast! and my left side is beating faster than rest but dr put that down to pregnancy etc i also have a right bundle branch block which apparantly 30per cent of us have and its harmless but these palps are so scarey i feel like i might die when it happens. anyone else have them!


  • Me!!
    I find them terrifying too, even though i know that i'm not having a heart attack, it feels bloomin scary!

    I'm on 50 mg atenolol for them though and they have improved. Though i'm still not feeling great so i've to go back to hospital in the new year and have another echo. Joy!
  • i have them i also medication for but do have heart problems also so i am on all sort of medication for it all the main value in heart it not working right so the is some blood going the wrong way around the heart at moment it only a small amount. I am 1 medication to prolong the life of the valve but i will end up having new valve in. This something live with the doctors have told me so many thing but i am still here able to have 3 child. when i haveing faith that i could go into heart failure that why i am not having any more kids the other mediction i am on is slow down heart rate down are you on medication? i most say it is scary i started with them????when i was 13 years old so i had them are long time so i just used to them hope you feeling better soon
  • hi thanks for replying. I was on flecanide for the svt but stopped it when i got pregnant and decided not to restart it after having max cos my svt episodes werent that frequent! but i also have the odd tachycardia of 150 + which is not svt (confusing i know lol) At my last echo said i had slight mitral valve regurgitation and my heart was dialated and hyperkinetic (fast) but cardiologist put down to pregnancy! Its those horrible funny beats and strange rythms that you feel in your chest that scare the shit out of me, i think "oh my god its gonna stop or something", its sooo horrible! But ive had loads of tests done for that and dr said its fine just i'm more aware of it than others??? I think it might be cos of the op in 2 weeks, i'm shitting it that i wont wake up! Dr said cos of heart condition i'm at increased risk but not that much more, but i'm still crapping it!! not so sure what general aneasthetic does to your heart and thats whats scaring me!Hopei dont go into svt then have heart attack lol ahhhh I'm so scared!!!!!
  • i did under general aneasthtic and there no problem they just a closer eye on you are you be but course on antibiotics after the op? that is wont they did with try not to worry as i will not do you any good . May be think about going back on medication i hate taking mine but need must. the more stress you under the worse you feel you got a lot going on with op and a little baby as well. I do now how you feel about 3 years ago the doctor told the my condition was getting worse end up having T O E to have closer look at my heart and it had not got worse. it felt like wold was falling apart i so scared.
    doctor all way tell you worse thing i can not tell you how many times i can tell you that they got it wrong
    try not worry hun and have nice christmas have friend family that you can talk to how you feeling it help if you of lode on some one
    take care
  • I know exactly what you mean!!
    I too had these but touch as much wood as possible, I haven't had any since having Kade.
    Before I got pregnant I would have frequent episodes so was put on propranalol (sp?). I had ecg's and they told me the same that my heart is fine it is just a little irregular as in sometimes it throws an extra beat in while other times it skips a beat.
    Problem was I became a bit obsessed and would worry about my heart constantly. I even stopped walking too quickly anywhere incase my heart went too fast!! All the worry made it worse.
    When I got preggers, the doctors told me I had to come off the propanalol and it became quite bad where I had to have a 24hr monitor on and more hospital checks at the cardiology dept but still kept getting the same answer. Looking back I think the anxiety of coming off the tabs and obsessing over it made it loads worse.

    Anyway since having Kade I decided not to go back on the medication and apart from having flutters, where it feels like my heart is stuttering and doing funny beats (which is really scary!!!) I have been ok since.

    I used to think my time was up every time it happened. I was convinced it could never go that fast without resulting in a heart attack. Very very scary! I don't think people realise how frighening it is until it happens.

    I do think though because I got so worked up about it, I would constantly feel every beat and panic myself silly lol. I try not to think too much about it now so am going to stop waffling on about it now before I subconciously bring them on :lol:

    Hope your ok hun & try not to worry about it too much (easier said than done)
    Have a good xmas xxx
  • thanks louise, do you too have the svt then?? I know what you mean about subconsiously bringing it on,cos once you think about it it happens lol i too think anxiety made mine woprse, i had a very bad year last year with anxiety and panic attacks where i wasnt sleeping at all at night, i was on tamazepam and also lost a huge patch of my hair all cos of palpitations which i thought were me dying? which then ended up in me having svt's! I try my best not to think about it but when they come they scare the shit out of me, but i think hey ive had these for 2 years now and i'm still here!! onbly way i can look at it i suppose! The palps are alot more scary than the svt i think, atleast i know svt can be stopped and wont kill me! When they funny irregular beat comes i think what if it carries on ahh right i too am gonna stop now cos knowing my luck i'll have them all night and end up in a&e again lol
  • They never actually said I had anything although how they could fob it off as normal I have no idea?? I think it sounds exactly like svt though.
    I can relate to everything you say and know how bloody scary it is.
    Oh forgot to say before, I developed a habit of tapping my chest lol. Sounds very strange but I found it helped me feel it pounding less if I tapped hard.
    It became a joke with oh as everytime I started tapping he'd be like, 'oh god now don't go off on one' lol.

    Massaging your pulse point in your neck or splashing your face with cold water are also supposed to help. I found deep breathing did jizz all!!

    Will let you know if I think of anything else lol,
  • yh i tried all those and i had to have it stopped with adenosine last time, (stops and restarts your heart) very scary!! The fastest mine got to was 220bpm, i think svt is when it goes over 140-160bpm and it comes up on an ecg as svt, ive had fast heart rate when i been scared etc panic attacks etc but always been able to calmit down with deep breathing! it took over a year for them to catch my svt on a heart monitor! they also told me if my heart is going that fast (Over140bpm) for longer than 20mins then to get straight to a&e to have it reverted cos its dangerous. I know what you mean bout your oh, jon always used to watch me checking my pulse every 2 mins lol and he'd be like "are we off to a&e" then lol used to drive him crazy! Not long back i was in hospital cos dr thought i was in svt my heart was going 150 but turned out to be sinus tachycardia from me having a viral infection lol everytime i stood up it would go crazy! i thought i was dying that time too lol i know i laugh about it but its so damn scary isnt it? Like i said though i'm more scared of the funny beats than the actual fast rythm cos i know its stoppable!

    Oh and forgot to say, when you do the deep breathing if that doesnt slow it down then i would defo say you have svt! Just try and get to a&e when it happens so they can catch it and get you to see a cardiologist for proper treatment etc. Also i now avoid alcohol, caffiene, smoking... anything that gets your heart going! BORING COW i know lol

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  • Thanks hun I will. Like I say (touching every bit of wood I can see) I have been ok since having Kade but know it could so easily come on again anytime which I try so hard not to think about too much!

    140bpm for over 20mins!!!! Jesus I couldn't last that long! I think the longest mine have lasted are about 5mins (which feels like forever)although I can't say for certain as I'm busy dying at the time!

    Don't worry, your NOT boring, you have to make sure your ruling everthing out. I too don't smoke and have all decaff but do still drink for my sins....oh and have sex lol
  • lol sex is an exception i think lol apparantly were born with it and it takes something to trigger it ieimageregnancy/certain tablets like sudafed and buscopan! Like i say my last one was 220bpm for over 3 hours they eventually did the horrid adenosine! anyway on a nicer note have a lovely xmas and hope yours was just a pregnancy thing!! tc care sara xxx
  • Christ 220bpm over 3 hrs, wow mine were nowhere near that bad. Ooo I really feel for you, I really hope you can get something sorted.

    Good luck chick & have a lovely day tommorrow with your lo's xxx
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