Very loud baby! Screaming......

Blimey. Grace has just found her voice and boy does she love to use it......! She's got a habit of doing really high-pitched screaming (and I mean screaming) which goes on for ages. Does anyone else's LO does that?!
It's lovely really, as she was born with serious heart problems and spent weeks breathless & quiet in the incubator. So to see her bouncing around squealing is fantastic.

Don't need a reply really, just was amused by her so wanted to share!

My ears are still ringing..........

Emma x


  • Lol Emma, Ashton sometimes does this too! Its so funny when they learnt something new and just keep repeating it! Glad she is doing better now! xxxx
  • I know..... As I said to hubby this morning, we definitely won't want to give Grace any sugar as she gets older - she's hyper enough as it is at the moment!
    Things all quiet now. She's having a nap. We go from 100 miles an hour and screaming, to thumb in the mouth and snoozing in a matter of seconds. Life certainly is interesting love her.... image
  • lol my lo has just started doing this too! its so funny. he tends to do it alot when he is sitting in his bumbo! x
  • I did get someone frowning at me though in M&S coffee-shop. Grace was having great fun screaming at the top of her lungs. I was doing my best to quieten her down, but honestly - it's a baby, what am I supposed to do!

    And now her twin sister has joined in on the act. Not quite as loud but she's practising hard lol. Oh heck.......
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