Nintendo Wii + Wii fit - worth the money?!

Hi ladies, I've been debating whether or not to buy OH a wii for xmas! His cousin had one last xmas (with the wii fit thing!) and it looked fantastic (though I refused to be weighed and have a fitness test in front of everyone :lol: !!!)
OH has dropped a couple of hints about how good he thinks they are but do you think it will be a waste of money - i.e will he just use it for a couple of weeks and then forget about it??!!
Also, do you reckon I'd be better off buying the complete system now or waiting til the run-up to xmas to see if there are offers on?
Many thanks for any advice
Lauren xx


  • We bought the wii + wii fit last year - we don't go on it much - we go on it in fits and starts but its worth the money as its the only chance we actually get to excercise properly - gym membership wouldn't be any good for us as we'd never go - at least the wii fit is paid for!
  • No idea about it tbh but wanted to hijack your post a second lol

    I remember you saying you lived in Mid Wales in a previous post and we're pretty lacking in Mid Wales mummies on here lol, so was wondering whereabouts. Obviously you don't have to be specific but I'm close to Llandrindod Wells so wondered if you were anywhere near!

    Sorry to hijack xxx
  • We got one earlier this year and I do love it. I sometimes go a couple of weeks without using it, but I think it is worth having. In terms of calorie burning/workouts to lose weight, there are 'games' like fitness coach and fitness coach cardio that are better for a 'proper' workout. I tend to try and get a fitness coach workout done whenever I get time to use it (workouts can be just 15 mins if that's all you have time for) and then fit in the wiifit games after before the little lad wakes up!
  • I think its all down to personal opinion...I used a wii fit for a week or something back when I lived at the in laws house because they had one (then his mum asked for it back and hid it...yes....shes not a very nice mil but thats a different story :lol: ) it was really good when i used it, if i could afford to buy one right now I would. The challenges on it are really good, I loved the yoga and jogging. The hula hooping is good too. I personally think it is worth the money but I wouldnt make myself broke to buy it :lol: xx
  • I've been wondering about buying one. I'm sure we'd use it more in a few years when lo is old enough to play too. So not sure we should buy one now, that we use occasionaly. Or wait incase they bring out a newer version and then we can all use it ?

    Maybe buy one second hand.Mmm, might do some research. S x
  • Thanks Ladies! I think I will get him one then! Just hope they will be on offer nearer xmas!
    Hi Jemmajem, I live in Newtown! Don't know Llandod that well but I love the lake there (walked round it a couple of times!) and there's a really good playground nearby isn't there?!
    L x
  • I got one for OH's birthday a few weeks ago, and he was absolutely delighted! I did well there. He got the Wii and the Wii sports - I might see how we go with those and then get the Wii Fit if we think we would use it.

    BTW - I got married not far from Newtown - in a small church near Llyswen, and then had our reception at Llangoed Hall. Its a lovely part of the country.
  • Hope you don't mind me crashing. We got a Wii last year and then got the Wii Fit at Christmas. We used it loads in the first few weeks and then didn't use it again for months. We will use it loads for a few weeks and then not bother for ages. We mainly tend to use it when my family come round with their children because it's something we can all play. My only complaint about it is you can't play more than one player and because the board recognises your weight if for example you use it on a childs profile the board gets really sensitive so it's hard for adults to use and if you use it on an adults profile then it doesn't recognise moves children make on it.
    I think it's the same as all of these computer things you will go through fits and spurts of using it but it is good to do some gentle exercise on and worth it if you think you will use it much.
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