any naughty mummies?

who has some really bad sins they must confess??

mine is that me and oh are eating most of the chocolate that the kids got for Xmas!!

i'm sure i'm not the only one.........! :lol:


  • haha i bought a calendar, supposedly for Harry, and ate all the choc's out of it without letting hubby get a look-in.

    In my defence Harry was only a couple of months old at the time ... no excuse for leaving hubby out tho!
  • lol at Katie, I tell my hubby the dog has eaten the chocolate cake when she jumped on the kitchen surfaces, hes yet to see it lol xxx
  • Well if i'm honest, hubby gave Riley a rusk for after dinner today, and...I ATE IT! Not even just a bite, I ate the whole thing. Then I got hubby to get another one rather than get up myself. xxx
  • i love rusks - im supposed to be on a diet so dont have any biscuits in so iv taken to dunkin finley's rusks in my brew!!!lol.yum
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