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Can my baby be teething at 9 weeks


My little girl has just turned 9 weeks and for the past week or two she has been dribbling like an England Footballer and putting her fist in her mouth, I have brought some Bonjella and that seems to work, but cant help but think that this is too early - any ideas?:roll:


  • millie was 8 weeks when her tooth cut thru, it hasnt come thru anymore since then, she is 5 months now and it getting a nother 2 cutting thru, she is drippling loads and has a rash on her chin, im sick of changing her bibs lol x calpol and bongela help loads x
  • Hi

    My LO is now 14 weeks old and has been chewing his fist and dibbling since he was about 10 weeks old. Its likely that your LO's teeth are moving under his gums but they wont erupt for another few weeks.

    I bought a teething ring yesterday which can be popped in the fridge and chilled. I hope that proper teething holds off for a couple of weeks cos my LO doesn't have the co-ordination to hold something and put it in his mouth just yet.

    As for the dribbling, the only thing I can suggest is a bib. LO goes though about 4 day but its easier than keep changing his top.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks for your advice, lets hope we all have a relatively pain free teething time - although my instincts suggest otherwise image
  • yes it is possible. my little one started teething at 3 months but when you buy the bonjela.. it does state from 8 weeks...
    some rare babies are born with teeth!!

    try some bonjela, it works pretty good for my little one.
  • OMG My lo is 7 weeks tommorow and is doing excatly the same.....lots of dribble and constantly putting his fist in his mouth. It hadn't even crossed my mind that it could be teething as I too thought it was way too early!!

    Looks like a trip to get some bonjela tomorrow then :\)
  • No problem Ivana, i thought I was going mad until I had the replies to this post, so I think it has put a lot of Mums minds at rest.
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