Milk intake when weaning

cameron is 6 1/2 months and has between 15-18 oz a day. the hv says this is fine cos he has yogs, cheese and milk in other foods. so it sounds fine to me. annabel karmel says weaning babies should be on between 18-21oz.
if charlie is still having some of that bottle i wouldnt bother dropping it. 4oz is not bad for a daytime bottle. cam has:
morning, 4-7 oz and cereal with whole milk.
dinner 5oz and meal and pud
tea 2-5oz and meal and pud
bed 3-7 oz
it varies day by day but as long as he's taking some of his daytime milk im going to offer it to him.
i may drop that tea time bottle at around 7 months cos he rarely takes more than 2oz.
if giving him a bit of milk, then food, then milk is working for you then its the right thing. i give cam all his milk before his feed otherwise he just wouldnt touch it afterwards but all babies are different and charlie seems to be doing fine on that routine!
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