what things do i need to buy ready for weaning?

as the title says! dd is only 4 months so a bit early at the moment but i like to be organised!


  • i didnt think you had to buy anything! i quite like the wean machine though for being out and about.
  • bibs. bibs, bibs, bowls, spoons, ice cube trays, small tupperwear, hand held blender. a free flow beaker.

  • If you're making your own then I'd highly recommend the Annabel
    Karmel baby & toddler meal planner book and The top 100 purees nook of hers too.
    Electric hand blender, Weaning spoons, bowls, BIBS (with sleeves in if possible!), Muslins.
    HTH xx
  • Cool thanks!
    Kelly, i have those two books already, got a discount so decided to buy them!
    Ems, sorry to be really thick, but what is a free flow beaker?!?!
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