My cats are monkeys.

We have 2 cats (brothers) called Hughey and Joey and they are always causing mischief....
*Before Ciara was born my hubby babyproofed our apartment but i keep finding the rubber tablecorner covers on the floor and i was cursing how crap they are..anyway ive just watched one of the cats pull one off the corner and run off with it! I stuck it back on and as soon as my back was turned he was trying to pull it off again with his paw..little horror.

Do any of your pets do daft things?
They both have a habit of climbing into bags and boxes, Joey nearly eneded up going home with the HV the other day after he crawled into the 'scales bag', curled up and went to sleep.


  • our cat, sid, is very good at letting us know if he needs the toilet.

    if he is in with us during the night, he will 1st run up and down the stairs,
    2nd, find a carrier bag and make alot of noise by walking on it,
    3rd, scratch the base of the bed loudly.

    not daft. sorry.
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