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Do I need to put Evan on the follow on milk now he is over 6 months?


  • I don't think you HAVE to as the stage 1 is up to 12 months. The difference with follow on milk is that it has extra vitamins and minerals to 'support' the weaning diet now that your baby is starting to eat solid food. They should have at least 20oz when they are weaned until 1 year. (tell my son that lol)
    My son is 9 months and hardly drinks any formula so I have him on follow on just to give him that extra. He eats lots of food cooked with cows milk, cheese and yogurts every day to make up for the lack of formula he drinks. He has 5oz with breakfast about 2oz with dinner and about 5 oz at bed time. I always offer him more but he just wants the real food.
    Hope that helps!!!
  • no you dont need to so long as the little one is happy and satisfied on the first or second stage milk then there is no need to change x
  • I put my low on C&G follow on milk mainly because she was (and is) fussy with milk and how much she takes so I wanted to make sure she got her vitamins as fom contains more.
    However if your lo is contented with their stage 1 or 2 milk you don't have to change at all. It's personal preference really. My hv said lo's are fine on stage 1 or 2 milk up until 12 months. Some lo's can get constipated on fom as it contains more iron, but this never affected my lo.
  • No you don't have too. Kelsie stayed on normal formula until 12 months, when she then went on to C&G Growing up Milk at 12 months. She's now 14 months and has 6oz in mornin, 5oz in afternoon, and 4oz before bed. She's ever so good and always drinks it. She also has milk in other products such as yoghurts, cheese etc so she's getting plenty enough. The 6 month and 12 month plus ones are better though as they do have increased nutrients, minerals and vitamins in.

  • You dont have to but can if you want because the follow on milk has extra vitamins and you can get boots etc points on it. I changed from c&g stage 2 to stage 3 and Gabe really likes the stage 3. Also the follow on is up till 2 years old so if baby doesnt take to cows milk you can keep them on that x
  • you dnt have to,its designed for if baby dosent get all the necessary vitamins through any other form ie:a good healthy weaning diet,also its the companys way of getting advertised!its illegal for them to advertise 1st stage but they are allowed to advertise 2nd stage!! xxx
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