Boring sunday - anyone else??

I've been up since 6am and feel like I'm just waiting for the day to end!!!

Whats everyone up to today?


  • Hi, is Gabe still poorly then? I hope not xx

    I'm bored too. Oh took Charlotte out for a walk in the snow. I've stayed in cos I'm too cold and wanted some me time. Wish I'd gone now!

    Did go out earlier to do some shopping - for Charlotte as usual. Bought her some clothes from Next and a canvas piccie from M&P. Nothing for me as per usual!
  • Not much to do today. cam lept till 8.45 which was nice...first time he's had such a good lie in!! Just waiting for my bro and his wife to come for tea. made some rice pudding and am about to make a shepherds pie! Rave on eh!!
    oh is asleep on the couch cos he didnt get to bed till 3.30am...bloody xbox has a lot to answer for!!
  • just found this on fun and games i loved it, might eliveviate(sp?) the boredom!!!
    Hope it works, love fiona
  • started off when oh insisted we should all go to tesco, and by the time we had got about 5th way round, he was regretting it, as i was ready to kill the boys for the "can-i-have, can-i-have, can-i-have" or "i'm bored, i'm bored, i'm bored" routine, so told him that was why i'd rather go on my own - with baby!

    nipped to Argos on my own (ah, bliss!) for an underbed heated blanket, so i am ever hopeful i'll be warm in bed tonight!!

    then much to my embarrassment, my 7yr old has just wiped the floor with me on the Super Mario cart on the Wii!!!

    not a bad day in this household!
  • Oh hunny, I do hope Gabe's feeling better soon. When they're ill it makes everything seem 10X worse. When the kids are ill, I wish it was me instead of them as I can deal with it better! It's been a slow day for me too! Up quite later at 8.30, then church at 10.30, OH's parents and brother came over and we stuffed our faces at the carvery, then stayed in all day as it is freezing outside.

    I'm sure things will get better soon, chin-up! xoxox
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