What age do you start using baby rockers?

Morning ladies,

I was chatting through what we still need to buy before Bubs arrives, and I said that I wanted to have a rocker/cradle for when we bring Bubs home.

My fiance through that you didn't use one until the little one was a good few weeks old,.

Does anyone know when you are allowed to start using them?

Thanks ladies

Rucky 32&5


  • hi we had a vibrating bouncer which we used from the day he was born. id definatly go for a vibrating one, my lo loved it and it helped get him to sleep!

    good luck

    ashy x
  • i have one that lays back flat and used it from birth. They will say if they are suitable from birth or not.

  • we used one from day one and it was great, he would take little naps in it and it also vibrated and played lullabies, it was just somewhere else for him to sit and watch what was going on, rather than just being held or in his moses basket x
  • My little hates his rocker, that was a waste of money! x
  • I've used it from day one, but lo only naps in it occasionally, she won't sit in it and just amuse herself with the toys - she much prefers her play mat. I'm hoping as she gets bigger and has more weight behind her she'll get it to rock and then get interested in being in it.

    I wish I'd just got a cheapy bouncer now instead as my rocker was about ??40 and bought for us so I feel guilty as I wanted it so much in the first place!! lol x
  • Its weight related which meant we couldn't use it for a bit. They will each give a suitable from x weight on the product. I personally think they are great and 100% agree on a vibrating one (I actually got one with a toy bar and music which is brill)
  • We had a bouncer and a swing, my lo I felt was sitting up too straight in the bouncer so we kept her in the swing until she was a bit older because it could lie flat and she loved it, used to nap in it, she used that up until she was 6 months and then started to get a bit big and now she is nearly out of the bouncer because she has learned how to tip it up!! :lol: Anyway highly recommend them
  • I think they are worth getting, but thought it worth mentioning not to be discouraged if at first bubba doesn't like it. Lucas would not sit in his bouncer at all until he was about 9 weeks old...now at 13 weeks he just loves it and will very occasionally fall asleep in it when he forgets that falling asleep on me is nicest! He goes in if every morning in the bathroom while I have a shower, so much so I'm buying another in the Asda baby event to keep upstairs! How lazy am I??
  • Same as, we have a vibrating one, and he was in it from day one. He loves it now too...a good investment !
  • Mine hates his, and his play mat, he loves his changing mat though lol, funny little things aren't they? hope he grows to like them eventually so he can get some moneys worth out of them.x
  • My little hates his rocker, that was a waste of money! x

    Mine is the same! She has a rocker and a vibrating bouncer and both are in the loft already (she's only 13 weeks!). We struck gold with the swing though or I think I would've been holding her for her whole life! x
  • Thanks ladies! Who knew our little bubbas could be such fuss pots!! I've seen one in the Asda baby event for ??15 which vibrates too, so I'll maybe just buy this - not too much of a waste if Bubs doesn't like it!

    Rucky 32 & 6
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