did your oh get you a present post baby?

An old friend just told me this incredibly sweet story (her birth story) and I thought Id share and ask if anyone else had similar experiences

SHe had a long labour and after 50 odd hours the baby became distressed and they took her in for an emergency csec. So the nurse mad her pull all her rings off and she handed all her jewellery over to her dh. She had a pretty hard recovery and lost a lot of blood, and three days later she asked her husband for her wedding ring ect back, well him being an awfully sweet guy went out and bought a band with diamond wrapped all the way around it to match with her wedding ring to thank her for giving him their little girl. When he gave her back her rings he gave the new one too and asked her to wear it with her wedding band. So I am sat here in a well of tears, I am so happy for her, and so happy she's come through her pregnancy so well, but goodness that is so romantic.

So just to ask anyone else have any tear jerking completely romantic stories about their oh?


  • I got a box of chocs n told i could eat them b4 i went on my diet lol! Not romantic but then on our 1st anniversary he treated me 2 a macd's drive through on way back from asda so didnt expect much after havin baby! I can see now why i fell in love with him ha ha! X
  • I got nipple cream lol
    He did go and get me a mcdonalds and all my favourite sweets oh and pepsi (had a thing for pepsi wen pregnant!) so thats good enough for me!
  • I got flowers and Glamour magazine and couldn't have been happier...he knows me so well!

    What a lovely story x
  • No presents or flowers for me :\( Just a "That was really boring (was in labour 40 hours), thank God they finally did a section". Thanks mate. lol.
  • I got flowers and some biscuits as I was starving the morning after I had given birth, lol!!!!
    WHat alovely story! xxxx
  • I got flowers... and my new laptop!! To chat all day on here!! lol
  • My dh asked me if he should buy me anything....... I suggested an eternity ring but we couldn't afford one so I got nothing!

    BUT......he did run around after me and did all the washing, cleaning etc so I got spoilt that way!
  • After Ollie was born I don;t remember getting anything but I do know he took over the cooking and cleaning and was always up with me during the night feeds even though i was bf - he'd go and get me a drink or something, so I felt he was really sweet then.

    When we found out I was pregnant with our second we'd had a holiday booked for months, and spent a week in tenerife. We saw a lovely little jewellery shop tucked out of the way in a tiny village and I saw an eternity ring in there... which he bought for me image
    I fully expect him to take over the cooking and cleanin again this time even though he'll have an Ollie to look after aswell, as he has 4 weeks off, and we're already aware of how much it takes after a c section without a toddler running around :lol:
  • I got a gorgeous bunch of flowers but tbh he had been threatened with all sorts if I didnt get any. I also had to tell him that if there was any sign they had been picked up reduced from a garage there would be no way I could control myself due to hormones!

    Anyway - he got me a bouquet made up at the florist (for the 1st time ever in 4 years) and they were gorgeous.

  • I didnt get anything either, no rings, no card, no flowers from OH. Would have been nice to get something even if it was just a card.

    But you know what, think I will let him off this time as he was so traumatised by the labour and birth (4 days of failed induction closely followed by an emergency section. Followed by a 3 week stay at my moms so we would have some extra support).

    Maybe next time, but I doubt it as the only way I get flowers from him is when I put them in the shopping trolley when he is paying. LOL.
  • When I had Millie I got a platinum and diamond eternity ring, but I did work in a jewellers at the time so there would have been trouble if I didn't :lol: When I had Barney he bought me a Wii fit, I'd been saying I wanted one for ages but they were still out of stock every where. Fortunately he works for ASDA and was there one day when they got some on a delivery.
  • Wow that;s a lovely story and well done him for being so romantic and thoughtful. Didn't get a card, flowers or jewellery but he was wonderful throughout our pregnancy and when we had a tough time at the start he was right there beside me the whole time.
    Diamonds would be nice too though hehehehe!!!!!
  • Oh bought me a gorgeous heart shaped necklace with diamonds in it- the one and only time he's ever spoilt me! My engagement was cheaper than the necklace lol. But as sweet as it was, i would've been happy with some tacky celebrity magazine and some flowers! xXx
  • Flowers, Chocs, Champers and take out for a week with all three x
  • i got a wedding proposal through a big bear sat on my bed. lol and a samsung soul mobile. x
  • Aaaw wot a lovely story bought a tear to my eye!

    I got A huge bunch of Lillies (my lo is called Lily) which i thought was v sweet! He also came to the hospital at 8am each day and didn't leave til 10/11pm each day (apart from 2 mornings he had to go to work) the whole week i was in there so i didn't have to be on my own to long and helped loads with nites etc when we got home which i appreciated much more than any 'actual' present he could've bought.
  • I didn't receive anything either. I did ask my dh if he could write a sort of journal entry type letter on the day they were born to include in their baby books, but like everything else he wasn't keen so never did.

  • I'm a lucky (spoilt) girl. Archie was born in Oct and our 1st anniversary was 28th Dec so my Archie/christmas/anniversary present was a diamond bracelet. Even though we probably can't afford it right now. He gave me an eternity ring a few years ago when we knew we would be together forever but weren't ready to get married so I didn't expect to get anything at all. It's really beautiful and I'm very grateful. S x
  • I lost a lot of blood having Neve and before coming to the hospital to bring us home, oh had been to the supermarket and bought all of the foods I had wanted when pregnant but could'nt have and then a load of foods that were high in iron for the blood loss which I thought was lovely.

    I did get an eternity ring but had to wait until my fingers had gone down a bit!
  • oh I forgot to add....I did get a big bar of Dairy Milk and a new book...off the more thoughtful man in my life, my dad!! Lol. Not everyone gets the chance to read a book with a newborn but I did as Gabe was So good lol.
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