Did you see this???

(stolen from MrsNoName in preg!!!)


The woman who said she was thrown off a bus for BF MADE IT ALL UP!!!!!!!! The bus company checked their CCTV footage and nothing happened!!

Joo x


  • I read thsi a few days ago! Theres a big debate on another site as to whose version is the truth. All a bit strange isn't it?! Why would you want to make it up!!
  • I was so disappointed to read this. I mean, I don't WANT it to have happened, but it's not the greatest publicity for BFing if she made it up, is it? In my experience, most people aren't against it, and don't challenge you, they don't really even seem to notice. I hope that doesn't make me a minority. If it's untrue, I feel so sorry for the bus driver because that's a cruel accusation to make. If it is true, I stand by what I said before - appaulling behaviour!
  • I was more interested in Reading everyone gang up on 'sally' in ye comments lol - why can't every site be like us eh?!
  • OMG - I read the comments on the original article and was absolutely stunned at the negativity being directed towards that woman (especially from other women!). Now they will think that she is indecent AND a lunatic!! What a shame.
  • omg! i hope she didn't make it up, cos it'll just give all those narrow minded fools more ammunition, not only will bf'ers be indecent and disgusting, we'll be liars and attention seekers too....ffs.....but whether or not she made it up, doesn't change how absurd some of those comments against her were, whether its true or not, people still thought she was in the wrong for bf on a bus, its that attitude that disgusts me.
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