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Hi, I think my baby may have colic he is 5 weeks old and lately he has been fine during the day but when night time hits and we go to bed and try to put him down after a feed in his cot he screams he is breastfed and I have tried winding him but his wind does not come up very easily as soon as either me or my husband picks him up he is quiet so I am thinking it could be a comfort thing? I have looked at a couple of websites for suggestions so tonight i am going to try and start a bedtime routine with bath etc any other sugestions would be welcomed image


  • starting a routine is probably the best thing you can do
    my son is just 18 days old and we started his routine when he was 5 days old.
    his day goes a bit like this 7am wakes up and has a feed then is awake intill 10am when he has another feed, he is asleep by 10.30am and sleeps till his next feed at 2pm he is then asleep again by 2.30pm he sleeps intill 4pm when i wake him up.
    at 5pm he goes for his bath, then we sit down stairs and i read storrys to all of the kids at the same time.
    at 6pm i take him upstairs and feed him in the room with just the night light on, dont talk to him and avoid eye contact.
    He finishes his feed by 6.20pm i put him in his bed turn out the light and leave the room, he winges on and of for about 20 mins then sleeps till around 10.30pm has a feed and is asleep again by 10.50pm
    he gets up again around 3am has a feed then sleeps till 7am.

    he is my third baby so i was set that a routine was going to be started straight away as i know what leave it to long can lead to, with my son we just took things as the came, and at 3 years old he still wasnt sleeping through the night so with the other two i made sure we didnt have the same problem again.
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