Please help!!!


My DD has lost her beloved toy dog. I did a 60 mile round trip and wandered round Cardiff in the rain last night but no joy.

We're now looking for a replacement. If you have this toy at home unloved, please sell it to me. Alternatively if you can find it for sale online anywhere please link me to it.

It's from Marks and Spencer and was bought in summer 2006. It has a brown fabric collar with a bone on and beanies in it's feet. It has to be this exact one.

This is a snap of our one

this is a listing on ebay showing a new one

I have a devastated little girl and I'm desperate!!!

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  • It's close, but it's a different design. Thanks though mithical.

    We have the lady from teddiesfromheaven on the case, she's trying to track him down too.
  • It looks suspiciously like one I have. It's from about 2006-2007, and it was called Spencer if I am not mistaken. (Now called Fudge)

    He is very grubby, even after a shower, but if you can't find another, you are welcome to have him image

    I can try and take a pic of him to confirm...
  • OMG you have no idea how grateful i'd be! grubby would be super authentic! I would naturally pay you, and for postage. If you can get a pic that would be awesome! even *I* have been in tears over the loss of Puppy!
  • Oh Maenad how awful, I know exactly what you mean, if we ever lost Abby's bunny the world would end (I would run into traffic to protect that sodding rabbit!) and I don't think she'd sleep until it was replaced!

    Sorry - I can't help at all, but I hope you get another one soon!

  • Right, the dog on the right is grubby Fudge. The dog on the left is a smaller version, still clean, called Dylan.

    Let me know if either are the right one image
  • OMG, it's him! Bigger grubby one on the right., it's Puppy!

    Are you sure you can part with him? If you hit my email butto9n, let me know how much you want for him and for postage I can pay you right now.

    If you're sure we can have him, you will ,ake DD the happiest girl alive!
  • aw i love a happy ending xxx
  • I was thinking the same Moonbean! This post cheered me right up!
  • Ha ha, of course she can have him! I read your story out to hubby, and said "I think she is talking about Fudge" It actually belongs to him, I bought it as a Christmas present for him. I had been naughty and checked his emails to see what he had bought me, and he found out. So Fudge was my guilty present to him. I thought he would say "tough", as he can be a big old meanie sometimes, but I said there was an upset little girl, and he said to see if you wanted ours.

    Just so Fudge/Puppy can take his story with him image

    Oh and my 10 year old niece had the exact same one, it was called doggy, and she lost it in Spain. It was so grubby it stank, and we did a secret dance when it was lost. But M & S were still selling it, so she now has Doggy #2

    I will email you now..
  • What a lovely story, i love a happy ending too image

    What a lovely man your hubby is hannah's mummy image xxx
  • Hannahs_Daddy is now the name for /god in our house!
  • lmao off maenad enjoy your worship xx
  • Awwww I love a happy ending image
  • I'm so glad you found one..I was scouring the net too looking for you!

    My friend who worked in mothercare told me when ds was born to wait untill he picked his comforter and then buy two more for this very reason! Fortunatley he's chosen the little White bear from jellycat (john lewis) so I think I may go and buy them now after this post!

    I bet your little girl is over the moon! Have you told her puppy is coming home from his 'holiday' yet? X
  • yay! Love a happy ending too xx
  • Ah, you guys! This is so cool! :0)

  • This had made a horrible day (planned visit to mil) make me feel so much better!! So glad your DD gets her pubby back!

    I had a fave teddy when I was little and after about 10 attempts of my mum trying to sew it back together it was eventually sent to 'the menders' and I cried every night for it! Waiting for them to send it back...little did I know they had chucked it out image


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