Does your lo do the repetitive babbling thing, gagaga or dadada and so on? When did they start to do it?
Beth is just over 7 months. she babbles and gurgles away quite happily with lots of different noises, but nothing like this so far. I know all los develop at different rates, but I thought she 'should' be doing it by now? Just after a bit of reassurance really!


  • Charlotte has always been very vocal and was babbling dadada,bababa from about 7 months. She doesn't babble like that now (at 14 months) but talks in her own language and uses her mouth in all sorts of shapes. She will try and copy words we say and has said "dirty" and "turtle" (although they do sound very similar - lol)!!
    If your lo is making noises like gurgles and babbles then do not worry at all! Try talking to her as much as possible saying mama & dada etc and she will start to copy you very soon. Then the squealing will start once she really finds her voice which is fun in the middle of the supermarket!!!!
  • Alf has just started to chat/babble in the past few days and says what sounds like proper words like dada/mama.
    He even said hello on Sunday after we were saying over and over to each other in silly voices (made us laugh more than anything!) then he said it again today but clearly has no idea what he's on about! Honestly it started sounding like proper words almost over night-it was really odd!
    Poor old Alf has me chatting on at him all day and he loves singing too. Forgot to say he's 8 months today!
    Sounds like Beth is already well on the way to chatting on to everyone in the supermarket! x
  • Oscar babbles non stop until he learns something new and then he stops for a few days, it's like he forgets, then it starts again! He can say daddy, and babbles mamama and dadada and will say hiya if you say hiya to him, but i don't think he knows what it means he's just copying the sounds! However, whilst he's quite good as communicating, he is completely immobile and will not roll or lie on his tummy or bear weight on his feet (not that i'm at all worried about this one!) - so i guess some babies are quicker at some things than others, they all catch up with each other eventually.

    He's 6 monts btw - try not to worry i'm sure there's loads of things your lo can do that other babies can't! xx
  • Hi Hun,

    I wouldnt worry she is still young, and babies are all so different!

    Amber has been saying dada for a couple of weeks now she says it all the time! She has said mam about twice and poo a few times lol!! She was 6months on the 12th.

    I dont think it will be long till she is saying recognisable words, I do think its funny though that babies say boo boo and other things all the time yet we never say its their first word but as soon as a daaa daa or maamaa comes along thats a word hehe!!!

  • Gabe started babbling at 5/6 months and now says mama, nana and dada. He says mama if he wants me. Sometimes when he's asleep he'll wake and shout mum mum over the monitor and then I go in and he's back asleep lol.

    They're all so different. I know Los who hardly babble at all and they are older than 7 months.
  • jessica is 9 weeks and is beginnign to copy me. she makes to cutest of sounds.
    cause i say hello to her when i go to her in the morning, it sounds like she is saying it to. you can see her trying to get the toungue in the right posiotion
  • Thanks for the replies ladies! It sounds as though she 'should' start reasonably soon so I'll wait and see what happens.

    JamDonut- you are so right about babies all being different. Beth is pretty much the opposite of Oscar, she is always on the move but much slower with 'talking'. And she can't sit unaided yet which most babies I know of her age have been doing for a while. I guess they all use their energy in different directions, like you say they will all get there eventually.
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