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Question about benefits (may get the sack)..

I think i am on the cusp of getting the sack from work (no grounds for it - long story and I will sue for unfair dismissal/constructive dismissal if I leave before).

My quesiton is, what sort of benefit would I receive if anybody knows?

Hubbie works full time and brings in @ 25k. This is sometimes a lot more and sometimes a lot less as he is commission based.

Would my family working tax credit increase? Would I get any other help if I couldn't go back to work (childcare issues)?

Any advice would be gratefully received as I am on the verge of handing my notice in but need to know if we can survive (mortgage, debts etc...)

Thanks girlies.
Really down about this whole scenario. :cry:


  • I'm not 100% but I *think* if you make yourself unemployed you will be entitled to very little.

    But I may be totally wrong so prob not much help! Sorry, but I do hope things get better for you.
  • there is a webisite called what am i entitled too, you could fill in the deatils as though you are not getting any money and see what it comes up with.
  • I thought if you got sacked or resigned you got no help until after a 'waiting' period - Not 100% sure though
  • I thought if you got sacked or resigned you got no help until after a 'waiting' period - Not 100% sure though
  • hi as ur OH works and brings in as much as he does the u wont be entitled to income support or income based job seekers, however u will be able to claim contribution based job seekers as i presume u have been paying national insurance. its ??100.95 every 2 weeks, so ??50 a week. not sure what will happen to ur tax credits tho, also as u will have been sacked u may have to wait 6 weeks before they will pay u any money but still start signing straight away cos it takes a couple of weeks to process anyways.

    this link maybe useful


    hope this helps and fingers crossed u don't get the sack or find another job before they do it.

  • I would go to your local benefits office and and let them know the scenario to see if they can help. I used to work for them many years ago and if it is still the same then pumbacat is right you dont receive jsa if you have been sacked or left the job on your own accord.

    Hope they can help you sort it out x
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