What have you found........

The most stressful thing about having a baby?


The best think about having a baby that yo didn't expect?

For me -

I find night times really stressful, my lo has never slept through the night and nights can be very unpredictable. Also, I worry about cot death - that she's stop breathing for no reason and we wont know because we're alseep.

The best thing is the loving look and smile she gives me with complete admiration in her eyes. I'm the only person that she looks at in this way and is really is like she's saying 'I love you mummy' with her whole face. Always makes me smile and feel warm inside.


  • The most stressful is all the worrying i seem to do like cot death, is she warm enough, am i reading to her enough etc etc.

    The best thing is she's my daughter and everytime i look at her i can't believe shes mine, shes just started smiling and i love it when i pick her up and she gives me a big grin xxxx

  • The most stressful thing for me is the constant fear. The thoughts in the back of my mind that something might happen to her!

    The best things are everything else!!!!
  • Most stressful thing - as everyone else has already said it's the constant worry and fretting over whether they'll be OK and if you're doing things right.

    Best thing: Seeing that beautiful smile first thing in the morning.
  • Where to start?

    Most stressful thing, I would probably say him always being there. I know that sounds terrible but I just mean the constantly planning everything around Lo and never getting to sit down for a cuppa, or do the ironing without precision planning!

    Best thing, playing with him. I love discovering new games that make him chuckle over and over again and get really excitable, arms and legs kicking away!!

  • I have found the most stressful thing, to be mother's guilt!! I find it very hard to leave Gabe or have someone else even feed him or hold him without feeling guilty that I should be doing that.

    The best thing is all the gorgeous smiles I get off my little man, especially when we are cuddling in bed and he rolls towards me and grins and goes 'ahhh'.
  • Apart from all the worrying as most of you have said, the thought of going back to work in March is stressing me out coz i can't bear to think of leaving Dylan with a childminder!

    The best thing is Dylan!!!! I love absolutely everything even the stinky poos & having to get up a million times a night (but just 1 nights sleep would be appreciated)!! He makes it all so worthwhile!

    Sarah xx
  • With my 4 year old son the stressful bit is when he back chats and goes and asks his dad for something i've already told him no to.

    The best bit is he's my only little boy and he made me a mummy so he's special in that way.

    With my daughter the stressful bits are settling her when her teeth hurt, listening for her every movement and noise when she's sleeping and just wishing i could magically know what was hurting her when she was upset.

    The best bits are when i wake up and turn to check her and she's laid there happily playing then gives me a lovely big smile.

    Lisa xxx
  • The most stressful is the worry about ever losing her.

    The most special bit is when she actually makes me laugh and she is only 15 months. Never did I think that a 15 month old would make me laugh so much. Even just smiling at me is an amazing feeling.
  • never really found any of it stressfull till now, and ecen now the only stressfull thing is getting all three kids up dress and out the door at 8.36pm for justin going to school.

    the best thing when really small like charlie who still barley looks at you is the cuddles i could just spend every second of the day with him in my arms kissing his soft little cheeks.
    once they get older it just has to be the way they look at you with pure love no matter what, even when you have just sent them to there rooms for being naughty.

    the love between a mother and her child realy is the only true form of unconditional love, no matter what they do they do youll always love them i dont thin there is anythig they could do to make me love them less x
  • it's been lovely reading all the 'best things' They really do make up for the things that stress us out don't they?

    Jodie - I totally agree with you on the unconditional love!
  • i find the most stressful thing timing our evening routine with my two - making sure that Braedons bath and Madisons dinner are ready at the same time...one slip and it totally throws everything out of sync and poor madi has burned dinner or Braedon has to wait for his bottle while i dish up!

    best thing about Braedon is knowing i have so much to look forward to - like first words, walking, learning more everyday about his personality...remember it all so clearly with Madi and she gets better everyday and i cant wait to do it all with Braedon (and maybe with another lo one day!!!)
  • The most stressful thing about having our lo is always thinking am I doing the right thing? Always worrying that I'm getting it wrong-a phycologist would have fun with that answer wouldn't they?!!

    Best thing is just being together as a family and seeing how much closer we've all become because we love Alfie so much. Also how much happiness he brings to other people-met his Great Grandma yesterday and she burst into tears when be beamed a huge smile at her!!x
  • most stressful - constantly checking he's breathing when he's asleep, even after like 5 mins!! i worry soooo much that he's too good to be true!!

    best thing that i didn't expect - hmm i didnt expect the love to be SO intense that u just feel that no matter what they do in life you'll love them more than anything and you can never love them less!

    oh and i just love his smile :\)


  • Most stressful thing is making sure that there always breathing. I was always paranoid about cot death, as a good friend of mine lost her little one at 16 weeks which terrified me of it happening to me.

    Best thing is being a family. We're so complete now we have a little girl and a little boy. I am so proud to be their mummy image
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