im not the only saddo posting on valentines night lol

glad to see other people posting on valentines night!!! Im on lap top oh on psp just like any other night really lol x


  • lol my night is also like any other night. I am on laptop and husband is playing Call of Duty 4 on his Xbox. Typical night for us 2. No romance in us at all. Personally I don't like Valentine's Day. I think it is a waste of money and pointless. I love my husband every day and he is the same with me. I sound all soppy there lol.
  • Even sadder!!! OH is in bed!

    I made a lovely meal...with candles an everything....anyway long story short, he is now asleep and I am on BE with my dessert wine!!

    Ho hum!

    Sam x
  • i cooked a meal while oh had lo who was crying for no reason apart from wanting attention. i added to much cheese to sauce and it made me sick. im on BE and oh is on championship manager.
  • Ahh, dont worry about it ... my OH is at work on nights tonight. Me and Zacky got the house to ourselves.

    We went out last night instead and had a LO free night as he was with nanny and grandad (dont think any had a good night sleep LOL).
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