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Ice cold hands

My lo (3 months old) is sleeping in a 1 tog grobag and long sleeved t-shirt at the moment. His room is about 20 degrees but when I get him up in the night/morning his little hands are absolutely freezing. Does that mean he needs to be more warmly dressed or do babies naturally have such cold hands at night? I never used to notice this so much when he was in his little crib covered in a blanket. It's really just been since he is in his cot.


  • My lil boy whos 17months now, hes had cold hand and feet since he wasd born, and i was realy worried but jus kept getting told that its normal, more than 95% of babys get this till there at least a couple of years old, hes now in a 'big boy bed' and i feel its worse, but he does have a vest, babygrow, 2 blankets and a duvet over him so he cant be cold, i wuldnt worry, maybe put mits on him at night aswell for a couple of days see if it help, i no i had mits on david untill he lernt how to pull them off lol

  • It's totally normal for babies to have cold hands and even arms and feet. As long as there core (ie chest and tummy) is warm they are fine!
  • Brilliant - thank you for putting my mind at rest!
  • Yes you should check your babies by feeling their chest rather than their hands/feet which are normally cold to touch. If you judge their temperature by their hands/feet you are in danger of overheating your baby with too much bedding/clothing - overheating is a recognised factor in infant deaths. If in doubt it's better for baby to be a bit cold than to overheat.
  • my baby is 3weeks old his hands and feet is freezing cold all the time, i started to get really worried, asked the midwife, she sed its normal, if the chest is warm thats all it matters
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