Mummy milk flavoured baby rice!

Afternoon ladies

Molly is now 17 weeks and just last week she was showing no signs of needing weaning yet but the last 3 nights she has woken 3 times in the night for feeds! So today i just expressed some milk and mixed in a tablespoon of baby rice and she LOVED IT! She started to cry when it was all gone, bless her! She seems ready so going to continue with the one feed of baby rice and hopefully it will help with her weight gain.



  • oh poor Imyia, eek i hope Molly is ok tonight! Yeah the dress is from George, i love it!

    Yeah i do hope it helps with her weight! She gets weighed/3rd jabs on Wednesday so we'll soon see.

    She took a milk feed after and after that she just lay on my lap with a big full belly and didn't move :lol:
  • Aww bless, she sounds like Kyra - she loves her grub too! xoxox
  • Fingers crossed she puts the weight on for you now. I've just had a peek at the photo's on facebook, so cute! x
  • glad she liked it!!grace loved it too and theres no stopping her now!!! xxx
  • I tried Hugo on some baby rice today! With mummy milk, same as lil Molly! He liked it, but the facial expressions where hilarious! I also gave him a bit of Hipp apple juice - hahahha - he was highly bewildered!

    He didnt eat the whole lot of it, but had a few spoons :P image
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