Worried that something is wrong

i worry about everything but i have never been concerned about tobys development etc but today something really odd happened. Toby sometimes looks like he is in a daze - where you can wave your hand infront of his face but he is obviously daydreaming about new toys etc - and this is fine but today he had a totally different look and it really worried me - after about 45 secs he just turned his head to me a smiled - bless him - but it was a terrible vacant expression. I was shouting his name and he just didnt respond and it really freaked me out to the point i was literally going to call an ambulance??? I really do worry about everything but usually about my parenting and how it will affect toby - i have never once questioned his health - except for today - i am freaked

any ideas x


  • dont want to read and run but i have no idea? maybe he could hear something elsewhere? when my mum is talking in the kitching dd goes all vacant while she tries to listen!
  • Heidi does the stare thing but usually responds to me. She also does the not responding to her name but I think she is just being ignorant! To do both at the same time would have freaked me out too hun so dont worry about "worrying about everything" If he doest it again I would probably have a word with your health visitor or GP. No ideas what makes them all starey but someone might know! Hope you are ok x
  • Hi

    Ty does this occasionally, just stares off into the distance. Especially when we're down my mums and he's mesmerised by her patio doors and the view, we tend to joke about it and 'ooo he's gone again' and when he comes back its '1,2,3. you're back in the room'. His mind just seems to wander, to be honest i'm not worried about it as its just like he's concentrating on something. But if you're worried maybe ask your HV ?

  • reece does this but its on purpose he'll be looking at the tv and i'll call him and he starts to smile but still wont turn around, honestly i dont think it is anything to worry about they are so young and he was probably really focus on a bit of fluff or something you didn't even realise and was concentrating so hard he didn't hear I'm 28 and I do it all the time lol
  • Oh hun - I've just spotted this.
    Jak's done this once or twice. He'sjust kinds of zoned-out, but I honestly think he does it on purpose because he's just looking at something else. I know it's bog-standard advice, but maybe calling the hv will put your mind at rest? I'm sorry I don't have any better advice, give Toby a big squeeze from me and Jak x x x
  • DD used to do this all the time. She's just a little space-head, even now at 4 she is such a chronic daydreamer, she ofte falls down because she'll be walking along and will go into a little trance and trip over or walk into something. I ask her what on earth she was doing and she'll say something amusing like "I was thinking about helicopters".

    I wouldn't be worried, but if it is really bothering you I'm sure your HV can put your mind at ease.
  • lmao at helicopters comment xx my ds1 isa nightmare i'll send him up for his shoes and he won't come back down when i go up he is playing with his toys and i'm like did you forget something and he's like oh i must have forgotten that....really??!!
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