Hi my oh and I are looking to get a new car and was hoping u ladies would be able to help me please?
What car do you drive and do you find it to be good ith a baby?

thanks in advance


  • we have a 5 door diesel 307. they have alot of room in them and the pram shopping etc fits in the boot. like the lady says above we fill our car which is approx ??54 that lasts a month at the least.
  • thanks so much for the info, really helpful! will get oh to check them out!
  • We have a Subaru Impreza wagon! It's great for us because we're both petrolheads, but also there's so much space in it for buggy, shopping etc. The only downside is the petrol consumption, but the grin factor is worth it for me! Before the baby we've had MR2 turbos, Celica GT4's and FTO's, so performance was a big factor for us.

    As a second car we've got a Toyota Yaris which regularly gets 50+mpg and it's got cheap road tax. Surprisingly my buggy fits in the boot, I have the Mothercare Trenton Deluxe which isn't small. The bonus is, the rear seats slide forward if needed, although the buggy does fit with the seats in the furthest back position. I have ridden in the back and there's loads of leg room for a little car (I have v long legs)

    Corinna x
  • I have a petrol 1.6 Ford Focus, 5 door. i love it its great for baby stuff. i can fit his pram and a full shop in the boot and there is room for 4 adults even with car seat in. its good on petrol really, ??40 fills it and that lasts me a good few weeks, dependent on where im going...i use it every day.
  • We have a lexus is20d
    its a great car just not very practical when it was just hubby me and the older two it was fine, but the boot can only just fit our pram in and uts a push to get it in, and we cant fit the car seat and 2 boosters in. so next year looking to get a new car. even though the lexus is just over a year ikd, thinking an estate this time x
  • we have a vauxhall meriva which is no bigger than a corsa on the outside but is a tardis inside.... we can fit the massive 3 wheeler in the boot (and also our double just as easily) as well as 2 months worth of shopping, and you can easily fit two adults in the back with a car seat (were on stage 1 now) and can fit an adult in with two car seats in it.
    There is loads of hidden storage, and we always seem to fill it, go away buy loads more stuff and still be able to fit it all in the car easily to come home because of different ways to store things.
    Its cheap to run, in the lower tax class, and only take about ??40 to fill it for a month (and hubby is a postman so uses it to drive quite a way)
    it handles like his old sports corsa does, which sometimes makes him forget its a family car....

  • I have a 5 door vw golf - it's lovely, easy and comfy to drive and has a huge boot! It's supposed to be very fuel ecconomic but that depends on who is driving as my dh does like to put his foot down! I think it's a tsi engine? supposed to be close to being as cheap to run as a diesel.
  • i can highly recommend a 4x4!!

    i've had a couple of Freelanders, a BMW X3, and now have a BMW X5.

    there is loads of room (i have a big 3 wheeler), and this is always in the boot when i do a big family shop (there are 5 of us)

    you also dont need to reach down when putting you baby in the car, as they are pretty much on a level with you!

    otherwise, personally i would recommend a 4/5 door car, as your lo should be in the back really, and when you go out as a family, you want to sit with your oh in the front!
  • wow thats a lot to think about thankyou all so much, off to autotrader in a min i spose! lol
  • wow thats a lot to think about thankyou all so much, off to autotrader in a min i spose! lol
  • Thanks all of you for the advice we bought a ford focus today and we pick it up tomorow! yay!
    Thanks again
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