jessica is 5 weeks old. im worried she may be too clingy.

she cries when everni leave the room. ive just had a shower and i put her in her bouincy chair i the bathroom with me. i started to put some washing away and she kept crying until i picked her up. ive just washed and loaded the steriliser and she cried again but did stop.

is it ok, when you know its an attention cry to leave them to cry for a few mins? :\?


  • evie is the same- she is 4 weeks tomo! my dh went to physio the other morning and i tried to get a shower, put evie down when i thought she was asleep, stepped into the shower and bang she startred screaming! i jumped out all wet and calmed her down got back in and she started again! in the end i let her cry as what was i supposed to do? its so hard when you have to get things done and they wont let you! i dont think its to do with them being clingy, i think its more of a case that they need to know we are there for them at the moment. its still early days and they are learning the ropes too. if you need to get things done tho and she's crying then so be it, they have to learn as well that sometimes it may be 2 seconds when mummy responds but sometimes it may be 2 minutes! hang on in there, i know how you feel!


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  • Yes it's fine to leave them when they are crying (except of course if they are ill/pain etc), you can't be picking them up all the time all day or you would neve get things done. If she cries whilst in the chair just talk to her, sing or pull faces so she knows you are there. When she's a few months older she will still cry when you leave the room as she will then know that you are 2 seperate people! Otherwise have you thought about investing in a sling? I've never used one myself but I know people who have used them during the day so they can get jobs done and keep lo close at the same time.
  • thanks. just horrible to hear them cry.

    hubby goes back to work on monday so hopefully we'll get into our own routine.
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