Getting trapped wind again?

Hi. James is 19 weeks old, and he's crying a lot recently. I know some of it is over tiredness, he only naps for half an hour at a time. But he is really screaming some of the time, and when he calor down enough (finally) he sometimes burps. We treated him for colic, and stopped everything when he was just over 4 calendar months. But I was wondering if anyone else, has had a lo at a similar age go back to getting trapped wind? I would go back to winding him halfway through his bottles, but these days he screams if it's taken out of his mouth before he's finished! It only seems to be a problem during the day, he's fine after bedtime, dream feed and 5am bottles. Thanks for any help. xx


  • hey chick havent had this myself but if his colic only stopped at 4 months and he is now 19 weeks its not that far apart so it could be colic again, have you started weaning him as sometimes that can give them pain in their wee stomach too xx
  • hi hun - hsvr no idea - sorry - but hope it stops soon and he is just have a bad few days x x x x
  • Hi girls,

    I presumed with colic, the symptoms would have come back straight away. As with the colief it states to wean them off it, and go back to full doses if symptoms re-occur. James was fine when we stopped the colief.

    I just wish I had a magic wand, he's been so grumpy lately. Some of which I AM putting down to something happening with his teeth. Whenever my hand goes near him, he tries to eat me, not to mention any and everything else in reach! xx

    Edited to say, I'm not weaning yet. xx

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  • yep!
    as you know from my moans on FB we are having a bad time, LOs wind problems stopped at about 3 months but have retuned in the last few weeks :\( he also wont let me wind him halfway through!
  • I'm tempted to start up the gripe water again. I just don't understand why it's only during the day! xx
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