Flying with lo

We are thinking of going in march/April on short haul with the lo - she will be approx 6 months old and I was wondering what I am allowed to take on the plane in terms of milk? She is formula fed.



  • hi

    you can take as much milk as you like, you just have to taste it at security.
    They also make you taste the sealed cartons so make sure if your using them that you have plenty of empty bottles.
    hope this helps
  • Sorry hijacking your post with a follow on query. Do you have to make up the milk? Or can you take the powder?
    Im flying on Sunday - 8hr flight. I mostly bf but would like to take enough for one feed just in case. I thought you could only keep a made up formula for 2 hours and that it had to be refridgerated?

    And if you have to taste it out of a sealed carton then do you have to put it straight into a bottle, then into a fridge on the plane?

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