Weaning and Thumb Sucking


My ds is 5 months old and is on 3 pureed meals a day as well as his bottles, the only thing is that when I am feeding him his puree he sucks his thumb between each spoonful. Should I wait for him to stop sucking his thumb and then give him the next spoonful or should I take his thumb out of his mouth and encourage him to eat?

Has anyone ever had this?

Thankx ladies any advice would be fab image



  • It's a pain isn't it! Louise isn't doing it at the moment but did alot to begin with and the food ended up in her eyes, face etc.....

    Anyway, I used to try and get the spoon in her mouth if i coud or give her something to hold onto to keep her hands occupied!
  • I was thinking about maybe putting a spoon in his hand hopefully that will solve it.
    It is nice to know it's not just Kai who does it image
  • Lol - Louise also does that with a spare spoon! her new thing is to brab my hand to shove the sppon in and have a chew on it,,,,,,
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