Is this a bad idea?

Is this a ridiculous idea? Do any of you own pianos? I was just offered a free piano is good working order, I just have to pay for the transport and tuning. I was thinking this might make a good gift for the children along with piano lessons for the new year, this would have to be their big present and then they will just have a couple small gifts from santa, and the ones from family. Is this a bad idea, do you think 2 and 4 is too young? Am I just adding a massive bit of furniture to our already over crowded sitting room? Will they feel a bit neglected because they've received a rather grown up gift instead of toys? Any experiences with pianos appreciated.



  • I don't own a piano myself but I think it's a good idea - if you have room for it and put up with the noise until they can have lessons and play it properly!! image

    I'm not a musical person but my oh is and when Charlotte is older we would both love her to learn an instrument that she's interested in. My oh taught himslef to play the guitar, I can only play the triangle - lol!!
  • I think it is an excellent present as long as you can afford the lessons to go with it. In my area they can be as much as ??20 for 1/2hr. I've got a piano which I've carted around with me for the last 20 yrs and although I rarely play it I'd never get rid of it.
    It is grown up but kids would feel just as happy if they are allowed to play it.
  • Hello...dont turn down the offer. we got given a free organ, I would love to replace it with a piano. Even better if you or you partner play, if not you can learn. My mum taught me then I had lessons and went onto pass my grade 7. Its great for taken time out if stressed/to wind down. Great to have a sing song with family and friends. Also great, if your children learn another musical instrument, you can accompany them.

    I do miss moving away from home and not being able to sit down and play to my daughter. I cant exactly play jazz on the organ lol! hubby isnt very musical, we want our daughter to play an instrument as well as piano. Its a great gift to have.

    I think being and 4, they arent really going to notice that they dont have many presents. Im sure once you sit them on your laps and they attempt to play, they will love the noise they are producing....even if it isnt tuneful. Yes they do take up room...I personally prefer to have a piano in the room rather than a tv...personal opinion of course! xxx
  • Thank you for your replies I will go ahead and have it moved. It'll cost 60 pounds to have it moved properly so it really is a deal, and I do want the kids to have the chance at learning how to play. I have always regretted not taking lessons when I was little. I took piano lessons for about three years in my teens and enjoyed it, but uni put an end to I have found a piano teacher for them in our area, she charges 14 pounds per half hour, so I thought I'd buy a lesson a week for six months at birthdays and christmas as one of their gifts. I think you are right I'll just start my four year old off, and then maybe in a few months see if my 2 year old grows into having the patience to try at it for more than a couple minutes. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, it's silly I think i do more than the children.

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