He wont settle for OH any tips please?

Hi girls,
Im back at work May 2nd on nights so OH will have to take over the night time settling for dummy and feeds but Connor isnt having any of it!
I know its because ive always done it (breastfeeding so had to) but we really need OH to be able to. We are going to ease him into it by starting with dummy then progressing to feeds but do any of you have any tips for OH to keep him calm because he expects mummy to come in and screams the house down when its not me


  • Hi, we did the same as you just easing into it and telling lo that mummy had to go to work (they didnt understand they were 7 months when i left them) but tbh they settled better with oh when i wasnt there, they seem to know that im here and want me but when im away they cope fine with dh.

    good luck tho as it is stressful

  • thanks for the replies! OH is pooing his pants for when i go back to work and he has to cope on his own! Its only 10pm-3.30am and he usually only wakes up once during that time but hes bricking it! lol
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