please help everything has changed

hi ladies im hoping someone can offer some advice , my lo used to be good at napping in the day , would enjoy his bath and eat his last bottle then after a little settling would go to sleep in his cot but .... Over the last week he has stopped napping for any longer than 45 mins at a time , is so tired by the time bathtime arrives that he crys then after bath he crys so so much that we have to wait til he drops off in our arms before putting the bottle in his mouth when he will then take it x of course then he is asleep when he goes into the cot and within 15 mins he wakes up crying and we then spend another 15 trying to settle him and he just starts to drop then the arms fly up and he wakes again !! Im really struggling as i feel like we have a newborn again - he is 14 weeks ! Sorry to have waffled on but im just so gutted , confused and tired xx


  • Oh dear, that sounds tough. I was just talking to hubby about this tonight. What time is bedtime and bathtime? James has done something similar, so I had to bring his bedtime routine forward by half an hour a week ago - he then went back to normal and was just managing to stay awake but now he is doing it again and I think I will need to bring it forward more! It didnt change what he did in the night which is good, and rather than being wide awake at 6am he now sleeps until 8am. I just think he is starting to have more awake time and need more hours sleep in the night. He is probably waking like that in the cot because he was used to going to sleep himself and he is surprised and confused to find himself in there. Try bringing bedtime forward if you can, mine has gone from 6:30 bath 7pm last feed to 6pm bath 6:30 last feed and I am going to bring it forward to 6pm last feed now xx
  • firsttime thanks for your reply - yep it used to be 630 bath and 7 bottle , like you we bought the bath forward to 6 and bottle at 630 - like you say maybe be will have to bring it even earlier to say 545 and bottle about 6 ish !! Dunno if we can fit all his bottles in though !! Xx
  • Hi

    A 45mins nap means that he is overtired. I would suggest putting him down for his nap earlier. He should then nap longer and be able to last till bedtime.

    HTH x
  • I bath my lo in the morning as shes too tired in the evening and it over stimulated her and she wouldnt settle to sleep. But saying that she only ever sleeps for 30 mins at a time in the day!
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