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Swaddling Blankets

Hi ladies,

Have been reading my Rough Guide to Pregnancy, and skipping forward to see what I will need for LO when he pops out in January. I am keen to try swaddling, so bought a Merino kids swaddling set, but at ??????30 a pop, I'm not so keen on shelling out for another 7, as the book says you need 8!

Can someone please recommend some nice swaddling blankets, preferably unisex, but little boy orientated would be good as well, for a mummy to be? image


mrs d + blue bump (21+0)


  • We found miracle blankets good. Can't remember how much they cost but certainly nowhere near ??????30, more like ??????15 I think.

    You can get them online or in mothercare! We found them good and our LO loved them but I would only buy 1 (seeing as you have 1 already) just in case your LO doesn't like them (not all babies like to be swaddled) x
  • I bought a fleece swaddle thingy which did up with Velcro so he couldn't escape from tk maxx for less than a tenner. We didn't get on with the blankets. We had 2. 1 on and 1 in the wash. As they were fleece they dried so quickly. Hope that helps. Also try eBay.
  • We used Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me blankets. Worked a treat! We only had two, not sure why you'd need 8?! xx
  • We swaddled with blankets, as we found the cotton swaddling robes made LO too hot. I would say though, that I would never swaddle again, as it became a total battle of wills to stop swaddling her. She began to fight her way out of the swaddle by 3.5months, and would cry when she did, but wouldn't let us not swaddle her and put her in grobags - she went completely mental every time we tried it. We eventually managed to swap her on to grobags six weeks, and three attempts, later. I wish I'd left her to sleep with her arms out and not let the midwives swaddle her, it would've saved a lot of sleepless nights!!! x
  • we got ours from babies r us it was about 8 quid - so glad i bought it as lo loved being swaddled - luckily lo stopped enjoyin being swaddled so we went to a sleeping bag without any problems xx
  • Definitely recommend the miracle blanket and the kiddopotamus swaddleme - we swaddled until 5 months and I will definitely swaddle again!

    You DON'T need 8 swaddle blankets though!!! I had 4 because I hate doing laundry and we had lots of poo explosions but you would be fine with 2 image
  • I use the Aden and Anais swaddles from Hamill Baby. I cannot rave about them enough. I didn't want to waste money on a swaddle if my baby wouldn't take to swaddling. You can use these for lots of other things like burping, nappy changing etc as well as swaddling. Seemed expensive at the time but ended up being a godsend.
  • I just used flat cot sheets to swaddle Abby, and then put a blanket over the top. xxx
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